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Welcome to South Florida, one of North America’s most exciting areas. This blending of cosmopolitan urban centers with environs known popularly as Florida's Gold Coast, Treasure Coast, Lee Island Coast, and the Heartland creates a diverse region that is capable of supporting every imaginable lifestyle. New residents of South Florida are quick to appreciate the relaxed and casual lifestyle of this dynamic region brimming over with amenities. Quaint rural towns, exclusive residential enclaves, loft-style luxury in the heart of the metropolis, spectacular waterfront living, or beautiful neighborhoods graced by ancient trees are just a few of the virtually unlimited housing opportunities.

As you will discover, South Florida is a vibrant and cosmopolitan business region that enjoys a healthy economic life. Even mature economies like Miami and Fort Lauderdale are joining emerging metropolitan centers like Fort Myers and Naples in rapid growth and development. New businesses and corporations realize the wealth of opportunity in this naturally beautiful region, where potential employees are able to enjoy living in one of the world’s most desirable locations. Spanish Mediterranean architecture, outdoor plazas, and tree-shaded boulevards offer a magnificent backdrop for shopping, dining, nightlife, and the arts.


Access to quality education is a top priority in Florida, and one that receives strong support from the local business communities as well as residents. From award-winning public schools on the primary and secondary level to research universities and private institutes of excellence, the region offers virtually unlimited opportunities to learn and grow. Innovative partnerships between local companies, educators, parents, civic organizations, and concerned adults within the community sets the pace for lifelong education.

Hospitals and healthcare facilities consistently deliver the most advanced diagnostics and treatment within the context of compassionate, efficient care. South Florida residents can look forward to a progressive approach to wellness that includes health screenings, community education, and hospitals that often offer fitness and nutrition counseling. Physicians and other medical and dental professionals represent every major specialty, serving their communities in private practice and supporting state-of-the-art healthcare institutions as valuable staff members.

Progressive municipal planners and leaders with vision have created an infrastructure conducive to growth. To ensure that transportation is quick and convenient, a superior highway network connects interstate and local roads. South Florida boasts its own commuter train system, the Tri-Rail, running between Palm Beach and Miami with free feeder bus service to key destinations. Miami and Ft. Lauderdale’s international airports are listed among the world’s finest and provide service to points around the globe. Palm Beach International Airport, Saint Lucie International Airport, and Southwest Florida International Airport in Fort Myers provide valuable regional transportation resources to area businesses, residents, and visitors.



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Miami-Dade County
1450 NE Second Avenue
Miami 305-995-1000

Broward County
600 SE Third Avenue
Ft. Lauderdale 754-321-0000


Florida Residency
You are considered a Florida resident when your true, fixed, and permanent home and principal establishment is in Florida. Filing a declaration of domicile, qualifying for homestead exemption, or registering to vote in Florida can establish residency. Obtaining a Florida drivers license only indicates an intent to establish residency.

Sales/Use Tax
Florida's sales tax rate is 6 percent. Each retail sale, admission charge, storage, use, or rental is taxable, along with some services. Some items are specifically exempt. Some counties impose an additional tax that can be called a local option tax, county tax, or local general sales tax. Unless specifically exempt, merchandise purchased out of state is subject to tax when brought into Florida within six months of the purchase date. This "use tax," as it is commonly called, is also assessed at the rate of 6 percent. You will need to complete an "out-of-state purchase return" form when filing and paying use tax unless the tax owed is less than $1.00.

Intangible Personal Property Tax
Florida repealed its intangible personal property tax effective January 1, 2007.

Ad Valorem (Property) Tax
If you purchase a home in Florida, you will pay ad valorem or "property" tax based on the taxable value of the property. Ad valorem taxes are assessed by the county property appraiser and collected annually by the tax collector's office. A $25,000 homestead exemption is available to homeowners who meet certain requirements. Certain exemptions are also available to blind persons and other physically-challenged residents. Contact the appropriate county property appraiser for details:

Miami-Dade County

Broward County

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