What Makes Miami so Special?

There is just something about Miami that makes people let out a big “ahhh.” Whether it’s the salty ocean air, the swaying palm trees in the coastal breeze, the culture, or the crashing waves, it’s no secret that locals love calling Miami home and tourists come back time and time again. While we can’t seem to pinpoint just one thing that makes the area so special, there are quite a few elements that help make Miami the bustling city that so many people love. 

What Makes Miami so Special?Beaches

Quite simply one of the largest reasons that Miami is so beloved is due to the powdery white beach and crashing waves. Unlike many other coastal cities, the cities within Miami are world-class and very few beaches within the country can compare. 

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The People

When calling a city such as Miami home, often you will realize that the locals have a simpler way of life that allows for stress-free interactions with friends, family and neighbors. The people in Miami are extremely friendly, smile to passers by, and are all around just happy people, 


Miami is a hub for travel of all kinds. From cruise ships to flights, Miami provides travel in many forms to multiple different countries and destinations globally. 


Miami is often referred to as the city that never sleeps, and that’s simply because when the sun goes down the city lights up. From rooftop bars, to underground speakeasy’s, the sky's the limit when it comes to nightlife in Miami. 


A foodie’s paradise, Miami is home to a multitude of ethnic cuisines. From freshly caught seafood, Italian Bistros, fresh Mediterannean dishes, juice bars, upscale dining and nearly everything in between,  the food in Miami is sure to please those with even the most refined palettes.

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Home to some of the largest shopping malls in the state, Miami shopping can range from small beach side shops, outlet’s, family owned boutiques, and large shopping malls with high end stores, ensuring that whether you’re hoping to browse through a local gift shop, or need a new wardrobe, you can find it all within the city. 

While the list of reason’s people love Miami could go on and on, these few things seem to be the most commonly talked about amongst both locals and tourists. So, whether you already call Miami home, or are hoping to relocate to the area, Miami is a great place to call home. 

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