What is Brutalism in Home Design? Should You Use it in Your Miami Home?

What is Brutalism in Home Design? Should You Use it in Your Miami Home?If you are looking for a way to refresh your Miami home and have been searching for new design trends to try you may have heard the word brutalism over and over again. This is because several decorators and real estate professionals are predicting that brutalism will be the most popular design trend of 2024.

What is the brutalism trend?

The term brutalism comes from a British architect who coined the phrase to describe the works of Swiss-born French architect Le Corbusier as his work became more and more popular and popped up across Europe in the 1940s and 1950s. This word comes from a French root word or phrase that means raw concrete this phrase is "beton brut". Records from the Tate Modern Museum in London show that the reaction of Brits to this architectural style that became increasingly popular was shock and horror.

The designer who made the trend so popular had an original design that was simplistic with an emphasis on functionality over aesthetics. During this time buildings were made almost completely of polished concrete that had intentional organic lines that seemed harsh and cold compared to other properties built at this time.

I will agree that the sound of the name itself does not seem optimistic and embraceable. Designs from brutalism are characterized by their use of monolithic shapes in a commitment to spaces that are impactful and timeless. So while the word itself seems cold this design trend can be quite impressive in creating a luxury modern space that may be just up the alley for a Miami property.

How brutalism is being used in homes currently

Brutalism came back to popularity in Europe and is now picking up across the United States. Zillow reports in its 2024 trends report that the style is appealing with interior design elements including blackened steel casement windows, raw concrete floors, and painted bronze light fixtures in jagged shapes. The color palette for brutalism is often beiges, browns, blacks, and whites.

Brutalism has several minimalist features and it appeals to homebuyers and its luxury feeling sense of simplicity. Many organic materials are high-quality and when you look at them, it seems like they will last the test of time.

Using brutalist design elements in your Miami home

Should you bring the brutalist trend into your Miami home? The true answer depends upon whether you actually are drawn to the trend and how long you plan to stay in your current home. The brutalist design, since it is based on a sort of luxury minimalism with strong neutral tones, can be appealing to potential homebuyers, especially in an area like Miami where buyers are looking for the latest avant-garde luxury trend in a home.

If you are simply looking to try out something to refresh your Miami home without plans of moving you could start simple with furniture by bringing in light fixtures, painting a bookshelf, or a sofa with straight boxy lines. Boxy rectangular shapes are a big part of the brutalism movement and make it easy to incorporate these things into your home. Whatever you plan to try make sure that you remember if you are staying in your home that whatever works to keep your space functional and comfortable as what is going to be the best option for you.

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