Top Luxury Finishes for 2023

We must start with the basics for 2023 luxury home finishes. What will be the wall and floor covering materials to which special attention should be paid? What will be the top style of furniture in the months to come? What textures, colors, and patterns should you favor so that the overall decor is balanced and in keeping with the times? Let's take a look at some frontrunners in prediction.

Natural WoodTop Luxury Finishes for 2023

Regarding the materials used in interior design, there is a certain craze for natural wood. It’s not actually a recent phenomenon, but decor trends will take back the love for this fantastic organic material. On the floor, we can see the big comeback of light natural parquet in all its nuances and possible combinations of slats. Use the same essence for the furnishings and the exposed beams on the ceiling, among others, and it will be perfect! Raw concrete, white marble, and black steel are also present in the decor of tomorrow. When it comes to metallic finishes, brushed brass is gradually replacing the very popular stainless steel.


Two totally opposite 2023 home decor trends immediately jump forward. On the one hand, we observe soft shapes with rounded corners that look retro chic and somewhat, let’s face it, outdated. On the other side, there are geometric silhouettes belonging to minimalist furniture that has endured for years.


Home textiles similarly advocate natural fibers, textures as untreated as possible and discreet shades. Obviously, worn-effect rugs won’t go out of fashion for the next year or so.  The fabric sofa remains unmistakable, however, we also notice the leather, especially when examining the 2023 home decor trends which are inspired by the 70s and the 80s. Of course, if you go for the luxury par excellence, you will not go wrong. no opting for aristocratic velvet.

Colorful Palette

The 2023 decoration trends related to colors are totally splendid and there are all kinds! From the pristine pure white walls to the bold dark paintings of the blue-green range that immediately catch the eye, you are sure to find your genre. Of course, black wall paint is not an option that everyone would dare. Painting a door or window joinery in graphite, duck blue, verdigris or sage is awesome and at the same time,

it’s less imposing than a full wall painting.


To brighten up a house wall, we dare the wallpaper with large patterns. Flowers, vegetation, birds, and forest animals win our hearts. In dark colors or in pale colors, we are spoiled for choice.

Whatever you choose for your home, make your own place with the things you love. These trends come and go with a new spin and twist on them over the decades.

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