Tips to Keep Your Guest Bathroom Clean

Tips to Keep Your Guest Bathroom Clean

If there is one thing that homeowners tend to dislike, it’s cleaning the guest bathroom even when you aren’t currently hosting guests. Luckily there are a few ways you can ensure that your cleaning efforts will last, and your guest bathroom will look guest ready at all times. Try using a few of these tips and tricks to keep your guest bathroom looking it’s best, regardless of how long it’s been since you gave it a deep cleaning.

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#1 Water Repellent 

Shower scum can easily make a fairly clean bathroom look a million times dirtier than it is, especially with a shower that may not be used as frequently as a master bathroom, such as in a guest bathroom. To try and keep the shower surround as well as the tub looking cleaner longer, apply water repellent to the walls so that both water and suds don’t stay lurking, thus creating buildup such as scum and mildew. 

Tips to Keep Your Guest Bathroom Clean#2 Use Soap Pumps 

While bars of soap have been the go-to for a long time, they aren’t the best at keeping a bathroom clean. When using a bar of soap, it is highly likely that the wet bar of soap will leave some suds behind, whether on a soap dish or the counter. In order to avoid the soapy mess, try using liquid hand soap in a soap pump instead. 

#3 Toilet Bowl Cleaners

This is especially helpful if you have hard water as it can cause premature staining or buildup. There are dozens of different brands and styles of cleaners that can be either put in your toilet tank or clipped to the bowl lid that can help keep your toilet clean with every flush. 

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#4 Stash Dryer Sheets and Disinfectant Wipes

Put a box of dryer sheets as well as disinfectant wipes under the sink, or in a cabinet within the bathroom. Dyer sheets allow you to quickly and easily brush away any hairs or dust, as well as grab dust bunnies that have found residence in the corners. Likewise, having disinfectant wipes nearby allow for a quick and easy clean up allowing for counters as well as other surfaces to be wiped down easily. 

While there is no magic switch that can keep dust from building up, or water stains from occurring, by implementing a few new ways to keep your bathroom clean, you are able to do less, and yet reap more benefits. 

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