The Best Tourist Activities in Miami

The Best Tourist Activities in Miami

Whether you are a tourist just visiting Miami, or a Miami local who is hoping to play tourist for the day, Miami is chalked full of dozens of different tourist activities ranging from thrills, to show, dining experiences, and so much more. While each person’s favorite tourist activities will differ pending on their personal interests and abilities, these few activities are some of the highest rated within the Miami area. 

#1 Speedboat Sightseeing Tour of Miami  

Climb aboard the Thriller Miami Speedboat Adventures, where you can cruise the Miami coast, take in the sites and marvel over the multiple celebrity mansions that line some of Miami’s most sought-after areas including Star Island and Fisher Island. 

#2 Dune Buggy through the Everglades

Calling all thrill seekers! Hop into your dune buggy and spend 2 hours exploring the beautiful scenery of the Everglades all while speeding through the open fields, and spraying mud and water in your wake. 

The Best Tourist Activities in Miami#3 Airboat Rides

Throw your hands up as you cruise through the famous Florida Everglades in a guided airboat ride. Panthers, turtles, reptiles, birds, manatees and more are only a few of the animals you may spot while exploring the largest subtropical wilderness of America. 

#4 Parasailing in Miami

Have you ever dreamt of flying? Well, when choosing to parasail above the crystal blue water of the Atlantic Ocean, you can make that dream a reality. Contrary to common belief, parasailing is one of the most relaxing tourist activities, and when you’re sailing above the sandy beaches taking in the sights from the sky, you’ll be able to see why. 

#5 Duck Tours

There is nothing quite as “touristy” as a duck tour! Nearly all major coastal cities have some version of the Duck Tours and you can embark on a land and sea tour of some of Miami’s best sites. Fun for all ages, and sure to leave you with an over-the-top Miami tour, Duck tours are energetic, fun, and provide a fun way see all Miami has to offer. 

Whether you plan to try one, or all of these highly rated Miami tourist activities, Miami is home to some of the most sought-after beaches, events, and activities on the east coast. All that’s left to do is get out there and enjoy them for yourself! 

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