Must Have Home Emergency Kit Items for Your Miami Home

It is no secret that Florida has a storm season. What some new Miami homeowners may not realize is that it is good to make sure things are in order in your home during the off-season to be as safe and prepared as possible for storm season. Especially if it is one of those rare occurrences that a big hurricane hits your hometown. Must Have Home Emergency Kit Items for Your Miami Home

Storm season in Florida can be anytime from late Spring through early fall. Making sure that you have items on hand no matter what happens during the off-season is a smart plan for all Miami homeowners. Making sure you check emergency kits early along with the condition of impact points on your Miami home is good homeownership. 

Here are some tips for putting together a home storm emergency kit if you do not already have one in your Miami home. 

Start with the basics

Every emergency kit should have plenty of fresh bottled water, food, cash, and an extra stash of important medications for anyone living in the home. It is suggested that you have at least three days worth for each person that is in the home but it is best to have about a week or two worth for each person in the home. This is standard gear that should be in every home's emergency preparedness kit. Along with a battery-powered radio and a flashlight.


Depending upon the natural disaster and the damage that it has caused a mask could come in handy. The best masks to have are disposable N95s or N100s. Another useful mask is the 3M 8293 particulate respirator with cool flow valve. These will come in handy if you live in a structure that has been hit so hard without it areas of it are crumbling and fine particles have become airborne. It is also very handy if there is a fire.

First aid kit

It is not uncommon to sustain an injury or two especially minor cuts. A first aid kit is a helpful necessity after a natural disaster. You can find some great compact first-aid kits that have several helpful items within them. Look for kits that have all of the expected supplies as well as emergency foil blankets and a pulse oximeter. You want to have things on hand to help you determine if you need to stay put or seek emergency medical services as soon as possible.

Hand sanitizer

This is something people don't often think about. The water may stop running during a significant storm and you want to make sure that before you take in necessary nutrients through eating your hands are clean to avoid any illness. Having hand sanitizer readily available will help you to combat any possible illness by keeping your hands as clean as possible when soap and water are not available.

Waterproof utility gloves

If you need to pick up debris to get it out of your way having some sturdy waterproof work gloves will help you to do this without injuring your hands. In a pinch, they can also help keep your hands warm.

Bottle-top propane stove

If you are out of electrical power then a small backup stove will help you to continue to cook decent meals while you are waiting for things to get turned back on. A bottle-top propane stove should be used in a well-ventilated area and with careful supervision. It is also a fast and easy way to boil water for purification needs and to make instant foods. Make sure to have extra propane cylinders on hand to power the stove for a significant amount of time.

Plastic sheeting and duct tape

This may sound weird but it is equipment that is suggested by the Department of Homeland Security. These two handy items can do a wide range of helpful things from securing windows to patching a leaking roof to becoming garbage bags for safe disposal and even constructing a makeshift emergency shelter.

Explosive gas detector

Homes are required to have carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors but these will not pick up flammable gases leaking as a result of things bursting from a natural disaster. Including an explosive gas detector will help you to determine if any of these things are present in the air like natural gas and propane.

Talking about natural disasters is not the most fun subject, especially during a time when there is a very low chance for them to occur. But it is always in a homeowner's best interest to be prepared for these things to happen. The best time to get prepared is during a time when storms are less likely to happen so that you are well prepared during storm season.

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