Life By the Beach Helps Eliminate Stress

Life By the Beach Helps Eliminate StressAnd it seems we have a lot be stressed about lately, but somehow, living by the beach or at the very least, visiting it, can be life-changing.

Living at the beach eliminates the stress from your life and drops your cortisol production. This effect keeps you looking younger for longer and improves your physical and mental health. The waves and the sunshine are enjoying incredible leisure time.

The ocean offers some amazing watersports opportunities. From jet-skiing across a bay to kite-surfing, or free-diving, sea fishing, the ocean has a wide variety of activities to fill your spare time.

On land, you can anticipate most coastlines to feature very colorful scenes and offer outstanding hiking, biking trail and walking trails, getting back to nature.  With so much to do and see, you will find yourself getting outdoors and getting in better shape.

The fresh, salty air of the Florida coastline will work miracles with your lungs. Living in the city exposes us to toxins from air pollution and other environmental toxins that collect in our lungs and are pushed out into our bloodstream. Many people often experience a polluted environment and develop respiratory conditions such as bronchitis and asthma.

Fresh salt air cleans out your lungs of this dirt and toxins that have built up over time. Salt air clears out these toxins and lets you breathe with ease.

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Life By the Beach Helps Eliminate StressThe beach has a slower pace than living in the city, even though Miami is a bustling city. Step onto the beach and life seems to move slowly at the beach. This comes as no surprise being that the frantic pace of modern living in city.

Walking on the beach is very healthy for your back, legs muscles and it is fun listening to the seagulls and waves come into shore. Looking for seashells and picking up and seeing mother nature at work. Walking on the sand on warm days when the fog rolls in or watch a storm from your window. It can be cold on the beach, rainy, windy, and high waves but it is still a good feeling being there. Walking barefoot in the sand helps with every step forward, your foot sinks into the sand and your foot and leg muscles work extra hard to push you up and propel you forward, according to exercise physiologist Steve Rhyan.

Move to the beach sit and enjoy the waves and the sunshine and in the evening watch the sunset and not worrying about the scurrying of the city anymore.

So, is it time to move to the beach? Check out all the waterfront homes and beachfront homes in Miami and Miami Beach. It just might be good for your health!

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