How to Be More Productive in Your Home Office

How to Be More Productive in Your Home Office

Many of us are still working from home and in several occupations around the country this might be the new norm. If you've been struggling to work at home because of kids, lifestyle, or just distractions, you're probably not too productive. If you're looking to up your game, create a more productive space, and simply be more productive in your work, here are some tips.

Separate the space.

You need a space that you can go that is completely dedicated to work. This might mean converting a spot in the garage, creating an outdoor home office, or making a bedroom into an office or a separate part of the house. Understand the layout of your home and your property and try to maximize the space as much as possible. Can you combine two rooms to allow yourself a home office is separated from the rest of the house?

Remove distractions.

TV, video games, or even if your fridge is in direct line of sight from your office can all be distractions. Even facing a window can be a big distraction if there's a lot of stuff going on outside. You want a specific space that you can operate in that offers the least amount of distractions to give you the most productive work time. Remember, the more productive you are during the day means you'll have more time to spend doing things you really want to or in other parts of the house.

Add in some orange.

Did you know that oranges consider the color of focus, productivity, and organization? I'm not saying you have to paint the entire house orange, but adding in an orange lamp, vase, or pillows can inspire energy and increase concentration.

Green works two.

A Norwegian study found that desk plants and flowers can improve attention rates and keep people focused. This might mean something as simple as a house plant in the corner or flowers on the desk.

Lighting is important.

Good lighting can ensure what you're seeing and what you're working on without straining your eyes don't skimp when it comes to providing enough light and good lighting. Pay special attention to areas where you really need to see and don't stress about having too much light as that's never usually a problem. Cool lighting is actually better for clarity of mind and maintaining your concentration over warm lighting.

Keep a to-do list front and center.

You want to stay on track and that means keeping yourself organized, neat, tidy, and your to do list front and center. Keep referring back to it to make sure that you've gotten everything done that you need to do for that day or if you need to carry over things on the list for the next day.

Temperature control. Being too hot or too cold is a recipe for distraction so take steps to make sure you're as comfortable as possible whether that's putting in a heater in the room, a fan, or dressing appropriately.

If you're looking for a home with a home office already built-in, give me a call. If working from home looks like it's going to be permanent, you'll want that privacy and that space to make you the most productive you can be. Call me today for Miami real estate with home offices whether it's condos or a single-family home.


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