Home Damage Warning Signs

Home Damage Warning SignsDamage to your home usually starts out looking like a small problem, but if not cared for and paid attention to it can turn into a much larger problem. Massive structural problems are usually indicated by a very small change. Let's dive into what some of the warning signs of more serious home damage may be.

Home Damage Warning Signs


If you notice your door is sticking or won't close easily or all the way then you may have a larger issue. A lot of times homeowners ignore this issue and just wiggle the door until it closes or slams it shut. In some cases, this could be a mild issue with your latch or door hinge, but it could also indicate the foundation of your home has shifted and there could be some kind of structural damage. If you notice this issue, look at your door frame first, if you can fix the problem with one of the described items above then you might be in luck, however, if there is still an issue then you will want to hire a professional contractor who can determine if there is a bigger issue.


If you notice your floors sloping it can be from the floor expanding on contracting with weather change but it can also indicate a structural issue with the joists that support your floor. The only way to get a better understanding of if you have this issue is by hiring a professional. This is the structural integrity of your home and you want to make sure you have this problem remedied immediately.

Ceiling Stains

If any signs of spots or patches on your ceiling that are a different color than your roof, you likely have water damage. ceiling stains are caused by leaky piping, condensation, ice damage, and hard water on your roof or your HVAC system. This can be a difficult fix to identify on your own so you may need assistance from a professional roofing contractor who can determine the source of the damage and the repair that is needed.

Window Cracks

Weather changes can result in cracks in your window due to experiencing extreme heat or cold. If you notice a crack that looks like a large burst then you could have an issue with your window framing being done, or your home's exterior has shifted. You will need to check to see if your window frame is level and look at your home's exterior siding. If there are any additional cracks anywhere, you will need the assistance of a contractor.


Paint imperfections on your wall or ceiling can be from a bad paint job but they also could be due to a leak in the wall. If you see bubbling and chipping you want to identify the source as soon as possible.

Water flow

A sudden change in your water flow or pressure or even new sounds coming from your toilet or faucet could be due to rust or corrosion in the lines of the pipes. Take caution and check for any leaks around your home or use a pressure gauge to check the water pressure levels of your home. If you think there is any kind of clog, you may want the help of a professional plumber who can identify and repair or replace the necessary pipes.

In Conclusion

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