Great Healthy Home Upgrades for Your Miami Home as You Start the New Year

As the new year draws closer and closer Miami homebuyers might begin to think about their goals for the next year. One goal that is always on the top of several people's lists is improving their health. This could mean getting in more physical movement or it could mean eating healthier. There are several different ways in which we can make healthier choices in our lives.

Did you know that you can make changes in your home to help you achieve healthier goals? Here are some great ways to make home upgrades to improve the health of everyone living in your home.

Great Healthy Home Upgrades for Your Miami Home as You Start the New YearNew Countertops

If you have always wanted new countertops in your Miami home now might be the time to make that upgrade. The best choices are marble and quartz countertops. These are at the height of quality and luxury. Though they do come with a fair price tag they are also durable, low maintenance, and antimicrobial.

Antimicrobial means that it helps you inhibit the growth of bacteria on the surface. This is incredibly beneficial for kitchens and bathrooms especially if you have a lifestyle where you are in and out of the house. It helps to keep bacteria at a minimum and therefore it helps to lower your risk of becoming sick with whatever is going around during the season.

Better Lighting

The quality of light we encounter daily has a huge effect on our overall mood and our health. During the winter, sunset comes much earlier and we have longer periods of darkness. It is no breaking news that people feel more tired and sometimes even moody with less exposure to sunlight.

Making sure you have plenty of light and that the light is of the highest quality will help you combat what is known as seasonal affective disorder. The use of full-spectrum lightbulbs is encouraged as they can help to mimic actual sunlight. LED full spectrum bulbs can also help to save money on your electric bill.

Grabbing a sunrise-simulating alarm clock

Just like switching out lighting choosing an alarm clock that wakes you up with the simulation of a sunrise can help you to wake up in a better mood. If you currently use an alarm clock that blasts you awake with a loud sound you could agree that finding a more peaceful and happy way of being drawn out of your dreams would be ideal. Some people have found that using an alarm clock that brings light into the room has helped them to wake up easier and gives them a better sleep-wake cycle.

Finding ways to fit in small physical activity

If you work from home and you work from a desk all day it can be hard to feel like you have the energy to get through the day. This is because sitting for long periods can take a toll on your health and energy. Making sure you get plenty of physical movement is greatly beneficial. Making small changes like getting up to take a short walk every hour can help. Purchasing equipment like a desk bike or elliptical machine can also be helpful.

In addition, making sure you have a designated workspace can help your mindset to get into work mode and to separate being in work mode from being at home doing other things.

No matter your plans for 2024 in your Miami home making home improvements can feel fun and exciting. Whatever home improvements you do decide to make it is a good idea to keep in mind if the improvements will add value to your home and be appealing to homebuyers if you plan to sell in the next few years. Keeping in mind your plans for your home when renovating and altering your home is always a good idea.

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