Go Big And Go Home

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In an apartment, people often have the luxury of moving when necessary and not being tied to one location. However, after a while, it could be time to settle into a bigger space. When your apartment lease ends, a house might be the next step.

If you’ve decided that a house is suitable to your wants and needs, it’s time to start planning. Even if a virtual tour makes a house seems like your dream home, the surrounding area could make or break the sale. The neighborhood, school district, access to medical facilities and grocery stores, and proximity to work are all important factors that could determine the attractiveness of a potential home. Before contacting realtors and taking house tours, it may be helpful to create a framework for the process. Consider the following steps to choose your next home:

  • Identify your needs and those of your family.
  • Create a spreadsheet that details the value of those needs.
  • Visit places that check all the major boxes.
  • Try not to go over budget or above your approved loan amount.

When searching for a new place, think about your current lifestyle and how that may change once you move. Are you planning on raising a family there? Will other family members be moving in as well? Is there an available budget for repairs? Is there a lengthy commute to work? Buying a house doesn’t just mean you’re free to plan the décor and future barbecues. The logistics might tip the scale for one house over another.

However, one of the great things about house shopping — especially if this is a first-time purchase — is that there isn’t always a right answer. Sometimes, flexibility is required in order to have get you need in the long run. A house that may not have caught your attention at first could be the one that gets the offer. When you’re ready to go big and go home, check out our resource to determine where and when to move.

AUTHOR BIO: Brian Slater is the founder and President of New City Moving, a moving company in Chicago. Slater has more than 10 years of experience in the industry and focuses on providing top-notch customer service as well as a stress-free moving environment.

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