Deciding Between a Condo, Townhome, or Single-Family Home in Miami

Deciding Between a Condo, Townhome, or Single-Family Home in MiamiMiami is not only one of the most popular places to live in Florida, it attracts people relocating all across the country and the world. It is a national and worldwide desirable location to move. 

Miami provides not only the luxury sunshiny dream beach atmosphere that most of the world sees, but it is also a place of job opportunities, culture, nightlife, shopping, sports teams, and so much more. The number of different property types available in Miami is almost as vast as the things to do. If you are planning a move to Miami, how do you decide what type of home to live in? Where should you start your home search? 

Here are Some Things to Consider about Each Property Type in Miami


Miami is a mecca of all types of condo properties. The most notable being luxury homes near the water. A condo is a smart choice for someone who wants a low-maintenance home or a home within walking distance of almost everything they could need in day-to-day life. It is super easy to get away with never using a car in some Miami neighborhoods. 

You can find simple condo communities that offer a low-maintenance no-fuss lifestyle with close proximity to modern amenities and a somewhat budget-friendly price tag. You can also find breathtaking condo properties that feel more like a giant home with amenities better than a five-star hotel. 


A townhome offers a middle ground between condo living and a single-family or stand-alone home. Townhomes share walls with neighbors but often also provide some outdoor space. They offer more privacy compared to a condo where the only property not shared by everyone is inside the condo walls. 

With townhome properties, you want to make sure you know what is private property and what is shared property. A townhome commonly has lower HOA fees as compared to many Miami condo communities, but you may have to trade those lower fees for increased homeowner maintenance responsibility. It is always wise to make sure you are aware of what your fees/dues cover and what they don't. 

Single Family Homes

There is a great variety of single-family properties in Miami. It is worth noting that most single-family homes tend to be further away from amenities and living in a single-family home often makes a homeowner more car-dependent. This is an added cost of homeownership not often considered. A single-family home allows you to have more freedom and more space and is often in a quieter location as compared to multi-family living styles. 

If you prefer to be able to spend time outside easily daily a single-family home is the best option. While townhomes and condos do have outdoor spaces they are often in the form of a private balcony or shared outdoor areas. A single-family home offers larger outdoor areas that can become an extension of your home. If you are hoping to own a private pool a single-family home is the only option. 

No matter the Miami home style you are searching for, we can help you find it. I am happy to discuss your personal homebuying goals in Miami and help you discover the best Miami neighborhood and home type for you. Miami real estate is vast and having a local experienced pro on your side will help you to easily navigate the Miami real estate market. Let me help you take a large amount of the stress of purchasing a home off your shoulders. Contact me anytime with any Miami real estate needs. 

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