Creating The Perfect Backyard for Fall and Winter

Creating The Perfect Backyard for Fall and Winter

As Fall is in full swing and Winter is seemingly right around the corner, you may be wanting to spruce up your backyard so it can be enjoyed even in the cooler months. While midday temperatures remain warm, once the sun goes down in Miami the temperature cools off rather quickly, so adding a few extra features to your outdoor living space can allow you to continue to enjoy your backyard year-round. 

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  • Creating The Perfect Backyard for Fall and WinterFire Pits - Easily the best addition to any backyard in cooler months is a great fireplace. In addition to providing heat, the ambiance is a great way to enjoy cooler nights at home. 
  • Heaters - Much like with a fire pit, portable heaters, often propane heaters, allow you to enjoy your outdoor living space even if the weather is cold without having to bundle up too much.  
  • Outdoor Lights - Oftentimes in winter you’ll notice that the days get shorter, by adding in some outdoor lights you can enjoy your backyard even after the sun goes down. 
  • Outdoor Furniture - No outdoor space is complete without great furniture. While it adds a great aesthetic, the most important part of outdoor furniture in Fall and Winter is comfort so you can sit back and get cozy. Try a deep-seated outdoor sectional, or chairs with great cushions.
  • Blankets & Pillows - Once you’ve nestled into your outdoor furniture, you’ll want to have a comfortable throw pillow or a cozy blanket to enjoy. Try finding a few pillows and blankets that compliment your outdoor space and allow you to get cozy even on cooler days and nights. 

  • Smore Kits - A camping favorite brought right to your backyard! Whether you get a small kit or go for a custom-made kit that includes custom engraved roasting sticks with your family member’s names, this is a great addition to any backyard and can help create lasting family memories. 

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One of the biggest perks to calling warm climates such as Miami home is the ability to enjoy outdoor activities year-round. Whether your backyard is already Fall and Winter ready, or you need to spruce up the space, these few recommendations are great ways to help you enjoy your backyard all year long. 

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