Basics Of Interior Decoration

Basics Of Interior Decoration

Interior design is a profession that focuses on architecture and space planning, creating cohesive and aesthetically pleasing designs for home interiors and businesses. Professional interior designers require focused schooling and formal training. When getting started with your designs, there are a few interior design basics to keep in mind. Some people have a knack for going beyond the basics of interior design, blending what seem to be the perfect colors, furniture, art, and patterns together. The rest of us might have to work a little harder, but with time and research, you'll have fun developing a style truly your own based on expert tips.

Your Decorating Style

Selecting an interior design style, in the beginning, will help you keep your space cohesive and focused. There are plenty of decorating styles to choose from. Acquaint yourself with several different styles, including what design trends are popular right now, to get a taste of what styles and decorating ideas you like.

Focal Points

Each room should have a focal point. An interesting or beautiful piece, such as a piece of art, a fireplace, or a nice couch, draws viewers’ attention. The size of a room or the features within it dictates basic interior design elements. The general rule is larger rooms accommodate bigger furniture and patterns well, just as smaller rooms work better with less furniture and reduced prints.


When you’re just getting started in interior design, it’s best to take things slow and decide which items will be your big-ticket ones. A good rule of thumb is that the best pieces of furniture to splurge on are couches and beds. Once you’ve found those, you can fill in the gaps with your accent items and DIY home decorating. A well-designed room can be spoiled by improper lighting, so make sure to factor lighting into your budget. Windows, floor lamps, overhead lights, accent lighting, and white- or light-colored walls and furniture are all great ways to open up a dark or small space.

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It's Okay if it's Not Professional

If you’re currently working on your own home’s decor and interior, don’t try to make it look like the professional photos you see online or in interior design classes, those are meant to show off design principles and furniture rather than be lived in. Instead, throw in more eclectic or sentimental pieces so that your house has the perfect balance of gorgeous design and liveability. Interior design does not have to happen all at once; some of the best designs are done a little at a time until the ultimate vision has been achieved. Start gathering your ideas today to make your interior design dreams come true tomorrow.

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