5 Benefits of Living in a Highrise

In nearly every coastal city around the globe, there is a skyline filled with high rise buildings. From offices to condos and luxury homes, there are many reasons why a Highrise is a great place to call home, especially when living in a coastal city such as Miami.

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5 Benefits of Living in a HighriseViews 

It is no secret that the views from a Highrise are breathtaking. Looking over the tops of the rest of the city, oftentimes straight to the coast, you can catch the sunrise or sunset, or spend hours in the afternoon watching the swelling waves as they crash onto the shore.


Often overlooked, a huge advantage to calling a Highrise home it’s the amenities that is offers to the residents. While all buildings are different, many Highrise buildings provide top of the line luxurious amenities such as rooftop gardens or dining, infinity pools with a view, theaters, state of the art gym equipment, business centers, resident activities and events and so much more.


It isn’t just residential real estate that surrounds Highrise buildings. With a quick ride down the elevator you can generally find multiple fine dining and quick service options as well as boutiques, big box stores and conveniences all only a few moments away. The walk scores that are assigned to Highrise buildings are nearly always higher than those of single-family homes within a suburban neighborhood 

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Again, while all buildings are different, it is very common for Highrise buildings to provide the residents with state-of-the-art security systems and even doormen. This provides a huge sense of comfort and safety, especially when calling a busy city such as Miami home. In addition, having these extra amenities in place limits the number of people such as salesmen into the building which allows you to live in peace without the contact knock of a solicitor.


While pests aren’t generally something you want to think of when purchasing real estate, the likelihood of pests of any kind making their way up multiple stories of a Highrise is highly unlikely. The higher into a building you go, the lower your chances of having any unwanted visitors becomes.

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