4 Things to Feature When Selling a Miami Condo

When it comes to selling a home you always want to try and highlight as many positive features within the home as possible. Oftentimes you will see features such as large lots, fenced yards, secluded neighborhoods or cul-de-sacs as featured highlights, however, when it comes to selling a condo, there are many other features that you should be sure to include in your listing to help it stand out among the rest.

4 Things to Feature When Selling a Miami CondoFloor Level

Floor Level is a huge factor when it comes to buying a condo, so use it to your advantage! Highlight the benefits of living on the top, bottom, or middle floors. For example, a top floor could boast high ceilings and great views, a ground floor could be easily accessible and require no elevators, and the middle floors are generally the best for controlled heating and cooling providing lower energy bills.

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Amenities are a big bonus when it comes to condos. Whether it be a fitness center, spa, business facilities, pools and hot tubs, rooftop decks, etc. you should always be sure to list the amenities that are provided to residents, should they decide to call the condo home. In addition to the more common amenities as mentioned above, also be sure to include added features such as security, doormen, valet parking, etc. if at all applicable.

Walk Score

Walk scores and bike scores have become quite popular among buyers, so if your condo is in a highly walkable or bikeable location, be sure to highlight those scores in your listing to show potential buyers the proximately to local dining and shopping. In some cases, walk, bike, and transit scores will be automatically put below your listing, however, this will not include the names of nearby restaurants or shops, so by adding a few closeby businesses to your listing, potential buyers can get an idea of what is nearby.

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HOA’s are often looked at as a burden or unnecessary cost, however, if understood correctly, they can often provide a great selling point for condos. When mentioning your dues, it is important to explain all that is covered by the monthly fee such as common area maintenance, outdoor repairs, trash services, water bills, landscaping etc. By highlighting all that is covered by the HOA, buyers may feel a sense of relief after seeing what is provided to them by the monthly HOA fee. 

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