There are dozens of different features and amenities that go into creating the perfect luxury home. One of the most common requirements among buyers is curb appeal. While the inside of the home may be impeccable, nobody wants his or her home to look plain or rundown from the outside when the inside is jaw-dropping. Everything from the curb appeal to the kitchen sink should meet and exceed all your expectations when purchasing a luxury home. There are a few different key points that make a house, a luxury listing.What is Luxury Real Estate?

While we may think luxury real estate is simply the listing(s) of mansions with acreage, that isn’t always the case. With today’s market, often luxury homes are getting smaller. Small yards and lots are easier to maintain and upkeep which is a common need among homebuyers. With smaller lots available, this often means that luxury homes are becoming multi-level with different features and sometimes even different designs on each level. Whether you like your home to flow together as one cohesive piece or like each room to be a stand-alone jaw-dropper, the multi-level homes that are becoming our newest and greatest luxury listings are sure to please. The majority of homes in today’s luxury market(s) offer beautifully open concepts with an airy kitchen, living and dining room allowing for peak entertainment all year round.

The lifestyle that is lived in luxury homes requires more than simply good looks and beautiful finishes, luxury homes are meant to be suitable and comfortable for their owners. For example, a luxury home may be built with a massive walk-in closet with a seating and dressing area to help a young couple feel they have the space to get ready for a night out. Lighting as well as updated electrical, such as USB ports, are all a huge bonus in luxury real estate. While the most important person to please is the buyer, everyone wants a home that can not only wow their guests but can also start a conversation based on specific features that are etched into the home

While the “perfect” home in one city may be something totally different a few states away, the ideal luxury home is a home where you feel you are at your best. Whether that be indoor/outdoor flow, greatly covered patios in case of rain, enclosed sunrooms allowing you to enjoy the outdoors while still having the comforts of the indoors, ultimately it is your decision what features are on your must-have list. Media rooms, generators, garages, and shops all allow you to feel as if your home is a fortress. Build your fortress or begin your search for the perfect luxury home that embodies all of the visions you’ve had for your dream home.

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You may have seen the movie “Smart House” that appeared on Disney Channel and in that time many were left in utter awe at the sophisticated and virtually interactive home. The luxury real estate market has been demanding more and more electronics to fit into the “smart house” theme. Whether your floors are heated and/or cooled, you have a room by room temperature controls, voice-activated televisions and music systems, motion detectors, cooled wine cellars, controlled blackout windows or top of the line home monitoring systems, we all can say, a smart house is a coveted house. These high-end amenities are exactly what it takes to make a luxury home.

Whether you are in the market for your first luxury home, looking for a vacation getaway or are searching for an upgrade, you can’t go wrong when choosing a luxury home. With an array of different features to offer, your search for a luxury home will be one you won’t soon forget. Start your search today and find out for yourself what beautiful features and amenities the luxury homes in your area have to offer.

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