If you're interested in selling your home in Miami you're probably looking at price, the right real estate agent, how to list and market your home as well as setting up your home to be attractive to the majority of homebuyers. But many sellers are making serious mistakes when it comes to accessorizing and designing their home for today's buyers.

Design Trends to stay away from

Adapted from a recent article in MSN Money, here are five design trends that home sellers should stay away from if they want to attract the right buyer.

#1. Bold colors.

Red painted kitchens, lime green bathrooms or bright pink or blue bedrooms really turn off the buyer but the good news is there one of the easiest and cheapest things to fix. A simple neutral tone can work wonders. Whites and grays are a popular choice nowadays.

#2. Open floor plan bathrooms.

Now before you think this is a crazy idea, many brand-new homes are making this a trend with is an open master tub in the master bedroom. This literally means you could be laying in bed watching TV while your partner is in the bathtub right next to you. This trend really should go away. This can be an expensive thing to fix but there should be some separation between the bathroom and the bedroom.

#3. Converted rooms.

Buyers want to see a room as it was originally intended. This means that if you have turned a bedroom into a yoga studio or an exercise room it should be turned back into a bedroom door, turned into an office. An office is a great option for those extra bedrooms that your home may have.

#4. Wall-to-wall carpeting.

Wall-to-wall carpeting might've been great in the 70s and 80s but today, especially in Miami, buyers are looking for cool floors in either the form of hardwoods or tile. It's fine to have carpet in the bedrooms as it's warm and comforting but in the living room, kitchen and dining room, a smooth, cool floor is what buyers desire.

#5. Shiny hardware.

The shiny brass, chrome, and metallic finishes are out. Even though a lot of people are seeing these make a trend, I'm noticing that buyers do not like them at all. It's the brushed brass, polished and brushed nickel and other patina or distressed finishes that the buyers are really looking for.

Every home is different and there's usually something that each home can benefit from by making a small change or upgrade. If you're looking to sell your Miami, Miami Beach or Brickell home contact my office today about the value and how we can get it sold quickly in today's market.

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