The Venetian Islands and Islands of Biscayne Bay Between Miami and Miami Beach

These Venetian Islands are not in the Italian city of Venice but actually are located in Biscayne Bay between Miami and Miami Beach Florida. This system of artificial islands are connected by bridges from Miami to Miami Beach.

The Venetian Islands project was created in 1925 by a series of arch drawbridges named the Venetian Causeway. This popular stretch is perfect for joggers, bikers and dog walkers and the islands offer a suburban feel with beautiful views of the bay, Miami and Miami Beach. There are a total of 10 islands, nine of which are inhabited as the 10th is the Flagler Memorial Island, which is an uninhabited picnic Island built in the 1920s as a memorial to the railroad pioneer Henry Flagler. This is the only island strictly accessible by boat.

Of the islands, nine are inhabited and can be accessed by the Venetian Causeway or the MacArthur Causeway.

Hibiscus Island, Palm Island and Star Island are all accessible via the MacArthur Causeway, the main causeway between Miami and Miami Beach and are actually not a part of the Venetian even though they are close. Bell Isle, Rivo Alto, Di’Lido Island, San Marino Island, San Marco Island and Biscayne Island are all accessible along the Venetian Causeway. Half the islands have a Miami address and half a Miami Beach address.

Venetian Islands

Biscayne Island - This island is the most western island and just 2 minutes from downtown Miami with stunning views of the water and all the new waterfront additions such as Resort World Miami. Luxury homes on Biscayne Island start about $800,000 and can easily go as high as $10 million or more depending on style, condition, view and amenities.

San Marco Island - This island is located just east of Biscayne Island. All external homes feature waterfront access, boat docks, and many offer a waterfront swimming pool as well. There are a few homes in the interior area of this island. At any given time there's roughly 5 to 8 properties for sale located on this island priced from $1.3 million.

San Marino Island - This island runs north and south with several interior properties, the majority being external along the waterfront. These home start at about $2.2 million in this island features about 10 properties for sale at any given time.

Di Lido Island - This is one of the larger islands in the Venetian Islands running north and south with several interior properties and exterior properties stretching from the street to the waterfront. About 90% of the homes on this island feature a swimming pool priced from $2 million. The average priced home is about 3.5 million.Homes for Sale on Venetian Islands

Rivo Alto Island - This island is about the same size of San Marino Island with only about 2 to 5 properties for sale. These homes are priced from about $2.5 million.

Bell Isle - The smaller island is located between Rivo Alta and Miami Beach and features several high-end condominiums, resorts spas and parks. These condominiums start at about $250,000. This is one of the more affordable locations due to the majority of property styles.

Star Island - This island is located off MacArthur Causeway and is about the same as San Marino Island although considered part of the South Beach Island area. There are larger parcels of land, more luxury homes and lots available for custom building. These homes range from about $5 million-$45 million. Through the center of this island runs a park from north to south.

Hibiscus Island - this island is also located off MacArthur Causeway and not technically Venetian. This is a primarily residential island with anywhere from 10 to 20 properties for sale at any given time price from $1.5 million. There are some very high end homes on this island upwards of $20 million, most have boating access and sensational views of Miami Beach and the Miami waterfront.

Palm Island - This is the largest of all the islands and is located between Hibiscus Island and the causeway, also more part of Biscayne Bay and the South Beach Islands. It features numerous residential properties, high-end luxury estates and even its own park. These properties start at about $1.2 million. Palm Island Park features tennis courts, basketball courts, a skate park, green space and waterfront access.


Selling a home on one of the Venetian Islands takes the skill, knowledge and seasoned experience of a reputable broker. Because I know the area, I can help you price, prepare and list your Venetian Island home for as much profit as the market will bear. For more information on the Venetian Islands or to view any homes for sale or what your home is currently worth, please contact me anytime.

Images by Averette Wiki & Mark Averette