It appears that if enough people complain, anything can get done and that's certainly the case when it comes to the debate over artificial and real turf along Brickell Ave.Shocker: People Like Real Grass Along Brickell Ave

Back in October, the city replaced all of the real grass with artificial turf. The grass along the avenues of Brickell, one of Miami's iconic roadways was replaced with a carpet of artificial turf. This synthetic grass was glued with an adhesive to the concrete slabs on top of the soil. I will say, it was one of the tachy us moves the city has ever done. This $230,000 project is designed to save maintenance expenses and beautify these bare patches underneath shade trees, but the residents of Brickell absolutely detested this "improvement". Most residents thought it was the stupidest and tackiest project the city has come up with to date. Well, enough people protested and it looks like the city listened.

One of the biggest issues was that residents say the fake grass creates a smell when dog urine and uncollected feces cannot decompose into the ground. It certainly makes sense. That's the last thing you want to see walking by Brickell Avenue.

Well, the artificial turf or is officially over. Real grass will again replace the fake grass… That replaced the real grass originally. The mayor ordered the removal of the synthetic grass that was installed on the swells of Brickell Avenue and Brickell Bay Drive. Originally installed by Easy Grass to the tune of $230,000, has now been hired to remove it and the concrete slabs it's going to and replant with topsoil and sod. One of the best things is that Easy Grass will do the restoration at no additional charge saving the city thousands of dollars.

The mayor and Commissioner Ken Russell met with residents after several weeks of protests with signs saying "No Fake Grass on Brickell". The mayor agreed that in theory it was a well-intentioned idea but the outcome was certainly not expected. It doesn't matter if it beautifies the area if the objective of making citizens happy goes by the wayside. Once it became apparent that residents of Brickell were not happy with the project, the mayor's responsibility was to figure it out and fix it.

Beautifying the bald and patchy swales along Brickell with real grass or landscaping and paying maintenance expenses would've cost just as much as the fake grass. They are now prepared for the upkeep. [Source]