4 Things to Know about Selling Condos and Townhomes on Miami Beach

If you need to sell your condominium or townhome in Miami or Miami Beach you might start looking online for tips and suggestions on how to get fast offers and the most exposure for your condo. Here are four things you need to know about selling a condominium, townhome, loft or any property in Miami Beach.

1.  Make sure you hire the right agent.4 things to know about selling your Miami Beach Condo

Now of course everyone's going to say this but What is the right agent? You need to hire an agent that not only knows the Miami Beach area but knows the building that you're selling in as well. They need to know as much about the property as possible in order to answer buyer questions, they need to be tech savvy so you get the most exposure for your property, and of course, you need a professional, licensed real estate agent or broker in order to put your property on the local MLS. This gets the most exposure because 85% of homebuyers start their property search online. By having a good combination of knowledge, online experience, and licensed skills, a good agent can get your condominium the exposure it needs.

2. Stage it for the general public.

Home buyers need to feel themselves in the property and if you still have personal photos up, collections, memorabilia, or the home is simply cluttered with your personal items, buyers have a hard time seeing themselves in the home. Make sure it's very clean, hire professional stagers if possible, tour other open houses in your building or in the Miami Beach area, take pictures, and get a good sense of what other buyers are looking for so you know how to stage your property to appeal to the majority of home buyers out there. You don't want anything too masculine or too feminine in order to appeal to all genders and all lifestyles. This can be very difficult so that's why your agent is crucial in helping you make the right decision when it comes to staging and preparing your condo for sale.

3. Be flexible and reasonable with home buyers on showings and communication.

A huge drawback too many condo sales is that it's simply impossible to show the home. If the property has many security systems, appointment-only schedules, strict showing hours, or tenants that are unreasonable, it can be very difficult to show the property, hence you just won't get as many home buyers through the home and it probably will not sell very fast. Try to be as flexible as possible with home buyers and agents, and if you have a tenant, work out some agreements so that the home can be shown with a short amount of notice.

4. Price really is King.

If the home is not priced correctly you just won't get the right buyers through the door or even that many hits online. Trust your real estate agent when it comes to their research on comparable properties. If you offer something more for less than your closest competition chances are you'll get more buyers to the door and more offers on the table.

As your agent, I can help you prepare, price, list and sell your Miami Beach condo or townhome. Because I know the area, the buildings, and the current market, there's no better choice in an experienced seller brokerage than with Elite Miami Property