Pros and Cons to a One-Story and Two-Story Home

There are advantages and disadvantages to both a one-story and a two-story home so if you are wide open when it comes to the type of architecture or layout this article might be beneficial. Many new construction homes are two-story now so that they can give homeowners more footprint for the acreage or lot size but a one-story home does have its benefits as well. Here are pros and cons to both a one-story and a two-story property.

Cost per square foot.

Price per square foot is an issue that you'll need to consider to discover the true value. With a two-story home, you have less roof for the same square footage so when you need to replace the roof it won't be as expensive if you had replaced the same square footage roof on a one-story. You're getting twice the square footage with less roof.

The issue of stairs.

Stairs can be dangerous for both elderly, small children, and anyone on a bad day. Did you know that stairway falls are second only to motor vehicle accident as the leading cause of accidental injury according to the National Safety Council? This may or may not be an issue for you but it is definitely something to consider. However, stairs can be good for your health by making you walk up and down stairs multiple times a day.

Fresh air.

In a one-story home, you will probably keep the windows closed and locked at night but in a two-story, you can open the windows allowing fresh air in. This may also give you a sense of security as most burglars are not going to break into your house on the second floor.


If you need to evacuate for any reason a single-story home can make it easier so depending on your evacuation route, a one or two-story home may be more beneficial.

Hide the mess.

In a two-story home, most of the bedrooms are upstairs which means you can hide a lot of the mess and clutter upstairs away from houseguests.

Defined as spaces.

Depending on your lifestyle you may want to have the traditional bedrooms upstairs and gathering spaces downstairs but then again, you may like an open floor plan where everyone has access to every room all on one level. This is something you'll need to decide for yourself.

There are pros and cons to both one and two-story homes so you'll need to decide which you prefer based on your lifestyle and mobility. The Miami real estate market has a variety of both in addition to two-story townhomes and condominiums. Give me a call and I can send you a complete list of homes that meet your search criteria and price.

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