V Shops in MiamiIt seems like in today's day and age we are all jumping on some sort of food trend bandwagon. Whether it's the keto diet, Paleo, whole 30, vegetarian, or vegan, there really is a diet and a plan for everyone. Well, vegans can now rejoice! Coconut Grove is opening and all vegan food hall called V Shops.

Currently, the dining venue only has two restaurants, Choices Café, and Neo's Blender. The café is a quick service restaurant and Neo's is a smoothie bar for children. By fall, 2018, the hall will host a total of seven vegan businesses and each new vendor will be announced one month before opening to keep people guessing.

The founder of Choices Café realized there was a lack of vegan and plant-based option in our area. So, he decided to launch the vegan food hall to fill this gap in the food market service around Miami.

"With the rise of the plant-based movement, and with so many new vegan eateries popping up in Miami and beyond, I noticed that I was never able to enjoy a wide variety of choices at food hall type venues."[Source]V Shops in Miami

So, he connected with like-minded investors and operators to start Miami's first 100% vegan food hall. This place is designed with a diverse range of all amazing types of food a vegan would want to have in one place.

Across Miami, many new vegan businesses and restaurants have opened up in the last few months. Places like Chef Chloe and the Vegan Café and a new all vegan supermarket, Vegan Fine Foods is working hard to fulfill consumer demand.

Choices Café even has a door-to-door delivery in case you can't get to the shops. With dishes such as protein bowls, burgers, burritos, mac & cheese, and house-made desserts made fresh on-site, 100% gluten-free, soy free, and dairy free, there sure to attract attention.

While I may not be total begin, some of these dishes sounded amazing and I will be checking back often as vendors are added to V Shops.

2895 McFarlane Rd in Miami