Luxury Real Estate Buyers are Scaling DownUp and down the Florida coastline luxury and multi-million-dollar home buyers are finding that less is more. In a recent article by, people are finding that in Miami and Palm Beach Florida, these high-end clients are actually looking to scale down. I can confirm that as well in the Miami and Miami Beach area. Many of these multimillion dollar or high-end clients don't necessarily need the largest property on the beach. Looking for something a little more manageable but yet, may have two or three of these type of properties rather than one large one. There realizing that to gain interest in the real estate market, the biggest is not always the best.

High-end clients are now prioritizing quality over quantity. This becomes evident in that these types of buyers are not only downsizing their primary residence but they're spending about $4000 a month to live in luxury, extended-stay hotels for the convenience and the amenities. However, many of today's luxury condo buildings in Brickell and Miami Beach, offer these type of amenities for an additional homeowner association fee. 

High-end buyers are prioritizing quality over quantity so much so that they are spending up to $4000 a month to live in luxury, extended-stay hotels for their amenities and conveniences. It seems they prefer the benefits of a fully stocked kitchen, fitness centers, personal trainers, weekly housekeeping and more to managing a large property. This is also why properties on Brickell and Brickell Key that offer these type of full-service amenities are doing so well, even for smaller layouts of less than 2000 ft.². According to the Wall Street Journal, the number of upscale extended-stay hotel rooms has increased by 34% over the last five years and these luxury apartment buildings are catering to the demands. They're offering tenants increasingly lavish amenities, rooftop running tracks and dog parks, movie theaters, resident only bars and restaurants, and many more options.

Take for instance UNA, Miami's newest luxury condo building. This building will feature 135 private residence each with their own elevator, spa, fitness center, private Marina, three pools, beauty suite for private services, private movie theater, outdoor lounge, and many more options. These residents are taking note from places like the Four Seasons, which offers permanent residents housekeeping services, making the need to vacation elsewhere nonexistent.

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