Miami Beach Realtor"Kenny is a no-nonsense pro who will sell your property with the maximum of haste and the minimum of fuss. He was the very first estate agent who got in touch when I put a general ad online. When we met up he was courteous and efficient and went out of his way to ascertain my needs as a potential client. I needed to get the property sold as soon as possible and as soon as interest was shown, Kenny was highly attentive to the potential buyers through forming an immediate relationship and rapport with their agents.

The property was on the market only a few days before a suitable offer came along. You just can't ask for more from a realtor." Irvine W.


This right here. This is why I love doing what I do. I don't just do this for a job, I am highly passionate about real estate, especially in the Miami, Miami Beach, and Brickell areas. When it comes to selling a property, I am a no-nonsense type of Realtor that will get in, price your home correctly, be honest with you on how to sell, and get it sold as quickly as possible for as much money in your pocket as the market can bear.

Here's what to expect when you meet with me.

We will talk about comparable properties in the area. I not only look at what has sold recently, but what's currently on the market and what's pending. There are three different types of comparable properties to look at; those that of recently sold within the last six months, those currently on the market but have not had an offer yet, and those with the pending status, meaning the seller has accepted an offer and it's in the process of closing. Although we cannot see the accepted offer price in a pending transaction, we can look at what is being listed and what have sold. We can also get a good idea of what is being listed to the percentage of being sold. Meaning that if the property listed for $900,000 and it sold for $850,000, there is a 99% list to sale ratio. This is great news because we know that when we list at a certain price, chances are we will get extremely close to that price.

We will also talk about the risks of underpricing a property in order to create more of a feeding frenzy on the multiple offer standpoint. This may or may not work in your case. Because I know the individual neighborhoods around Miami we can make these calculated moves in order to get you the best price possible without giving away the home.

I also want to know your goals and expectations out of the home selling process. What's the number you need to walk away with? What's your bottom line? Are you underwater? All of these questions help a two discover the best possible price range, where to start, and how to appeal to your buyers.

Buyers differ all over the Miami area from Little Havana to Miami Beach so depending on where the property sits, we will market differently to different demographics. Higher in condominium buyers tend to have their own buyers agents ahead of time, and my connections with those agents will help get more eyes on your condo quicker. Perhaps it's an estate out in Coral Gables and Coconut Grove, those buyers are looking for something different than a condo buyer on Brickell.

When it comes to listing your property you need experience, education, and a tough negotiator. Let me guide you through the home selling process to get the right offer on the table, money in your pocket, and an easy and swift move for you and your family.

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