Nobody wants to have buyers remorse especially after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a house. We all want to feel like we've received a good deal and a goodbye how do you do that when buying a property? Are there signs ahead of time that could signal a red flag or are there signs that indicate you are getting a good deal? I've seen a lot of real estate deals and facilitated transactions over several decades and I can tell you these are five signs that your home is a good buy.

#1. It's exactly where you want to be.5 Signs a Home is a Good Buy

If you find a house that fits your price range in the exact location you are looking for. I can guarantee it's probably a good purchase. However, we still expect you to have a home inspection and appraisal to make sure that you're not overpaying for a money pit. But, if you are in the school zone or the neighborhood that you really desire, let's definitely work on getting the terms and the price right.

#2. The interior exceeds curb appeal.

Curb appeal definitely creates the first impression and if that first impression is negative many buyers will overlook the inside altogether. But, savvy buyers will know that the inside might be different so don't neglect to check out the interior of a home. Sellers and homeowners may have put a lot of extra money, time, and upgrades into the inside of the house rather than the curb appeal so don't disregard it just yet.

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#3. The right size.

If you're looking for a three-bedroom home and you find a three-bedroom home that fits your budget and is exactly where you want to be, that's a great sign that this is the house for you. You want to make sure that the property has enough bedrooms to suit your family and your needs. Do you need extra rooms for an office or for family members? If the home seems like the right size, a lot of other things can fall into place.

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#4. Move-in ready.

Unless you are a real estate investor, you're probably looking for a move-in ready home. You don't want to have to do a lot to make the property feel like a home. If the budget in the neighborhood is correct, it has the right size and design as well as being move-in ready, it's a win-win all around.

#5. You can picture yourself in the house.

Even if the home is not perfect on the interior but you can totally picture you and your family living here and being comfortable in the space, this may be a great buy. It's in Porton to be able to envision how your personal belongings will look in the space. According to a recent article by US News, things as small as a cabinet color in a photo can change the way a person thinks about a house. So, if you feel like this is the property for you and you can picture yourself in the home with your own items, it's probably a good purchase.

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