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Nov. 17, 2017

Pre-Construction Condos in Brickell

If you're looking for new construction or preconstruction condominiums in the Miami and Brickell neighborhood here is the top list as of 2017.

Pre-Construction Condos in Brickell

1010 Brickell – created by architects Sieger Suarez and Key International Development, 1010 Brickell features 47 stories with 387 units but along Brickell Avenue. Condominiums are currently selling between $500,000 and $1.3 million. The building features beautiful skyline and water views, top-of-the-line finishes, rooftop sky pool deck and lounge, impact absorbing outdoor running track, virtual golf, recreational and game room and a fitness center. Homeowners dues are approximately $950 per month

SLS Brickell – located at 1300 South Miami Ave. are several new construction condominiums featuring porcelain floors, tailored closets, and Italian kitchens. The condominium building comes with a rooftop deck and pool, spa, fitness center, movie theater, bar, restaurants, and a complete hotel, one of the newest and most exclusive buildings in Brickell. Homeowners dues are approximately $930 per month and condos start at about $1.2 million.

Brickell Ten – Located at 1010 SW. 2nd Ave. is a new construction building featuring gorgeous the luxury condominiums with 155 urban residences offering stunning views of the downtown area, open layouts, 9-foot ceilings, 123 bedroom floor plans and Italian kitchens. Modern luxuries include a 9th-floor indoor-outdoor social club, swimming pool, landscaped gardens, clubroom with pool and billiards, business center and recreational facilities, barbecue area and kids play room, rooftop recreational complex complete with Skyview Gym and state-of-the-art equipment, outdoor spa, outdoor lounge, Sunset Terrace and reflecting pool. Homeowners dues are approximately $975 per month and property start at around $500,000.

Reach Condo – located at 68 SE. 6th St. is a new Reach condominiums complete with community room, heated pool, hobby room, spa, swimming pool, and other services. Pets are allowed in this 43 story complex. Prices start at about $700,000.

Brickell Heights – Located 55 SW. 9th St., there are several units with new construction and preconstruction qualifications. These 1 to 3 bedroom floor plans between 800 ft.² and 1700 ft.² are priced from about $380,000. The building features state-of-the-art amenities including one rooftop pool and one interior pool, Jacuzzi, steam room, media room, business center, 24/7 security, valet, and concierge services. Homeowners dues are around $550 per month.

For more information on any of these preconstruction or new construction condominiums in the Brickell neighborhood please browse the website or contact my office to schedule a showing or for more details.

Oct. 31, 2017

Indulgence in Real Estate - 2018's Newest Luxury Trend

Indulgence in Real Estate  - 2018's Newest Luxury Trend

We talked a couple of weeks ago about the amenities you may or may not need in a condo building. Miami does a great job at highlighting the incentives of living in a particular condo building. Whether it's the chilled wine cellar or the lap pool on the 27th floor, there are different reasons that people move to condominiums in luxury homes and amenities is just one of them. 

But are we really living in the age of minimalism? There's no less demand for luxury and amenities in glamorous properties but there are some creative ways to incorporate that opulent lifestyle into a minimalistic design. Actually, buyers are looking for a more practical way to enjoy the amenities without adding a lot of "stuff" to the home. And, according to luxury real estate experts, we will see a lot more of this in 2018. There will be strong influences from nature and technology coming together to create the perfect energy efficient and yet luxury amenity home. So, what are we likely to see in 2018?

Bathrooms with a view.

That whole sentence seems like an oxymoron. I mean, we don't want anyone looking into our bathroom so what would be the point of a window? But, for many clients who can buy luxury homes but barely get to spend time in them, there's an increased focus on these Zen elements that can turn any room of the home into a personal oasis.

Many homes in Miami and even in larger cities like New York and Los Angeles, actually have bathrooms with a view. They offer natural light and a space for relaxation. Of course, you don't want to open the window and see the brick wall of your neighbors home, but, wouldn't bathroom furniture is being replaced with smooth glass surfaces to reflect the light and give the illusion of a brighter, more open space.

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Bringing nature indoors.

It's not news that energy efficiency and combining nature with technology is the way to go, but there's more of an emphasis on bringing the outdoors in. This happens in two ways; all natural building materials such as hardwood and bamboo can create a nature-inspired color scheme and these natural elements such as plants and rocks can create even more of an exterior landscaping inside the home. Not only does it create a relaxing, calm feeling, but you are utilizing and recycling things that may be overlooked outside of the home.

Read More: What's a better investment? A pool or high-end kitchen?

Indulgence in Real Estate  - 2018's Newest Luxury Trend

A spa inside the home.

Again, for those that don't get to spend a lot of time in their luxury home, having a spa, sauna or relaxation space inside the property, really helps bring down the work mindset for the day and get you into a more relaxed mood. Having an in-home spot is becoming a lot more popular as people don't have to go somewhere else to enjoy that relaxation. Properties with built-in sauna kits tend to sell a lot faster and can certainly impress just about any buyer.

Fitness room.

Anyone can turn an office or spare bedroom into a gym but, the personal fitness room has gotten more attention for the same reason that the in-home sauna has. It's easy to set up and usually, if you have an open space, you can fit several workout equipment and machines as well as await set and yoga mat.

Larger closets.

Our closets just keep getting bigger and bigger. By next year there will be no such thing as a luxury home without a large walk-in closet for everyone in the home. Whether you call it a dressing sweet, walk-in closet or an extension of your bedroom or vanity, these large closets may house everything from clothes, purses, and shoes to even the washer and dryer.

Indulgence in Real Estate  - 2018's Newest Luxury Trend

Adult gaming room.

Video games are not just for kids anymore. Robin Williams love to play the Legend of Zelda and even named his daughter Zelda because of it. Video games, media rooms, and recreational rooms are a way to unwind, destress, and distract residents from the hustle and bustle or stress of the day. They may include a sofa, gaming tables, large TV, pool table, gambling tables or gaming chairs. These rooms are really customized for the owner and become a popular addition.

Of course, smart homes are also a large part of the luxury movement. We will see more homes with Internet capabilities to control everything from the drapes to the heating and cooling, garage doors, kitchen appliances and even the softness of your bed. There's no denying it; we're already on the way to completely automated homes and luxury homes are the ideal properties to add even more amenities to the in-home lifestyle.


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Oct. 19, 2017

Owning Real Estate Through Different Life Seasons

Chances are the first home you buy won't be your last. We go through seasons in our life and whether we move 3 times in our life or 30, we need to evaluate where we are and what type of home we need for each of these phases. 

starter home

Starter home

This is the home we have when we first started out. It might be a condominium, small single-family detached house, or townhouse, but it's usually smaller, under 1500 ft.² and priced at the lower end of the median price scale for the community. First-time homebuyers look for affordability, which is understandable as they are just starting out and have no equity from the sale of a previous house to put toward a new home. One of the best things about starter homes is that they have the potential to be rentals or investment properties later on. A good starter home can also be a good rental property, that is if you are planning on hanging onto it, renting it out and then buying another home. Often times, first-time homebuyers need the equity from the sale of their first home to put towards the down payment on another home.

Owning Real Estate Through Different Life Seasons


After we've lived in our starter home for a few years we may be starting a family or find the need to upgrade. It's very common for couples to expand their family once they've lived in a starter home for several years. After a few years, enough equity has built up in the property that the homeowners can put a significant down payment on a larger home. Maybe you need more rooms in the house, a backyard, or you're going from a condominium to a single-family house. You need to decide if you're ready for the maintenance of a bigger house.

Middle aged


On the other end of the spectrum, those with kids that may be moving out, going to college or starting their own families may want to downsize the house. Perhaps they have moved several times and now it's time to move into a smaller home that's more convenient, and not as much maintenance. Maybe you don't need a five-bedroom home anymore; maybe a two bedroom will do. At this point, you might have built up a lot of equity and maybe to pay cash for a home depending on the rate of inflation and the housing market in your area.

You might be looking for a flexible home without a lot of maintenance so that you can take more trips or vacations or you're just looking for less responsibility.

Owning Real Estate Through Different Life Seasons


This may or may not be one of the last homes that you own. You might be looking for an easy, one-story home or even an apartment or condominium. Kids are the house, you have to consider visitors and guests at this point. Will grandkids come to visit? Do you want a backyard for those kids? Do you want a low maintenance property or condominium and enjoy the many amenities that come with a condominium association? It's important to plan early when it comes to your retirement home. You might be very athletic and active now but in 10 years, you may not want those stairs that come with a 2-story home. Think ahead at least 5 to 10 years when planning out a retirement home or one of your last home purchases.

Wherever you are in the spectrum Miami makes a great location for first-time starter homes just outside of the city to larger condominiums and luxury properties in Miami Beach and Brickell. From your starter home to your retirement home, I've got you covered. Call me today for the perfect home in your season of life. 

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Oct. 10, 2017

What Amenities Should I Be Paying More For in a Condo Building?

Every condo building has something to offer its residents. Pool, fitness room, restaurant, etc.. What's really worth it and should you be paying for amenities you may never use? What are some of the most important ones and what really matters on resale value? Read More on Market Value Vs. Assessed Value

I did extensive research on the subject and found some interesting facts. Some perks are simply not worth it and some never get used. So, what's really worth your hard earned dollars when it comes to condo building amenities?

Condo association fees can range from a couple of hundred dollars a month to over $2000 per month. If you're buying a $12 million condominium, a $2000 a month add-on may not seem like a lot, but what are you really getting for that extra $24,000 per year?

Condominiums in Brickell, Brickell Key, and Miami have a lot of perks that are drawing buyers in and create a good incentive to stay, but how many people are really using these perks and do they really work as a motivation to buy in a particular building?

Because I have helped hundreds of buyers find the right condominium throughout Miami and Miami Beach, I've listened to a lot of people talk about what really matters when it comes to condo amenities.

What Amenities Should I Be Paying More For in a Condo Building?

Here are some of the top things that most buyers look for when purchasing a condo in a particular building.

#1. Environmentally friendly.

Green living is a priority for a lot of buyers these days. The looking for Energy Star certifications, LED light bulbs and low flow water fixtures. This can have an impact not only on the environment but on their energy costs. A lot of buyers are looking for environmentally responsible materials used in construction and while this is not every buyer, it can be a great perk, which incidentally does not add a lot onto your homeowner's dues since it's not an ongoing amenity that needs a lot of maintenance after construction.

#2. Safety.

Most of the condominiums built after 2000 to have certain safety standards and regulations built into the zoning codes of the property. Those built after 2010 have even stricter codes so a lot of my recent buyers, especially with hurricanes and flood damage on their minds, are more concerned about the safety of the building due to high winds and weather damage.

Check out the article on the safest Miami and Brickell condominium buildings in the area.

#3. Location.

Although this is not a specific amenity to the building itself, location can really be a huge factor to buyers. Is it close to particular schools? Walking distance to the nearest café or grocery store, perhaps it has retail outlets and dining options on the ground floor. These can be a priority for some buyers and a perk for others. Those that prefer not to have a car choose a location that's within walking distance to most daily errands.

#4. Recreational features.

This really varies from person to person. You might find someone that loves to swim so a swimming pool, Olympic size or Olympic Junior size swimming pool is important whereas others who never set foot in a pool would not find this a benefit and may consider their association dues a waste of money.

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Just about every condo building in Brickell and Miami has some sort of recreational amenities. This could be tennis courts, a bowling alley, a fitness center, state-of-the-art weight room, playgrounds or playrooms for children, dog parks, business and meeting rooms, media or theater rooms, wine sellers and game rooms.

Buildings with more recreational amenities need more upkeep and maintenance, which will naturally increase condo association dues. If you are looking for keeping your HOA dues down but still want the best amenities, look for a building with the lowest association fees and the amenities that fit your lifestyle. But, it's important to remember, if the Association has extremely low dues, and some major renovation is needed, you could be asked to participate in a special assessment to cover those additional fees.

Read More: Most popular Condo Buildings in Brickell

What is simply not worth the additional amenity costs?Doorman

There are some things that may not be worth the additional fees. Over the years I have found the buyers are not that interested in some of these condo amenities:

  • Champagne chambers
  • Complimentary lobby breakfasts
  • Many golf
  • Pets spas
  • Massage or therapy rooms
  • Outdoor space.

Of course, this is different for every person. Some people love having a courtyard that they can wander through, relax, sit and read a book, while others find that they will never stroll through an area like this.

Certain audio and video systems may be expenses that buyers really don't care about. These items become outdated quickly and unless the building has funds to keep up with these items, it may not be something you are concerned about.

Concierge or doorman services. People might think that they keep the building secure and safe but it is not their responsibility to intervene and security matters. Yes, they can accept packages and handle visitors when you're out of town, but the extra expense of hiring and managing may not be worth it.

Tax breaks. We won't see a lot of this in the Miami area but the "value of a tax abatement is a straightforward calculation based on the benefit amount saved over a specific. Of time. Once these benefits phaseout, they're gone. Keep the imminent increase in mind and avoid paying a premium for this trait." [Source]

Like I said before, nearly every condo building in the downtown Miami area has some amenities. It's important to find out how much more you are willing to pay each month for those condo association dues and what you'll really use.

Give me a call at any time. Because I have worked in nearly every building I know the amenities and the homeowner's dues of each one. Let me know what you're looking for and the price range in which you'd like to pay I'd be happy to send you a complete list of buildings that meet your criteria.



Image By Garry Knight (originally posted to Flickr as Hotel Doormen) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Sept. 25, 2017

Safest and Most Durable Condo Buildings in Brickell

Safety is always a big concern and more now than ever due to our active hurricane season! Surviving a hurricane in a high-rise is a scary thought but with new requirements and building codes since 2010, our buildings are safer than ever. After Hurricane Andrew in 1992 revealed lax building codes, the state cracked down on materials and systems greater than ever. Florida has adopted the most stringent building codes in the US for both single-family homes and residential high-rises. Since 2010 though, those codes have gotten even stricter, which should ease many minds about living here.

Here are some of the safest residential buildings in Brickell and Miami.Hurricane Andrew


Brickell City Centre Reach

SLS Brickell Residences

101 Brickell

The Bond on Brickell

1100 Millecento

Brickell Heights East

Brickell Heights West

Brickell House

Nine at Mary Brickell Village

Le Parc at Brickell


Brickell Ten

Brickell Key

Three Tequesta Point


Courts Brickell Key


Downtown Miami


Miami Beach

Faena House

Beach House 8

The Residences at the Miami Beach Edition

All this to say that other buildings may not be unsafe, and several have undergone new remodeling projects but those would be on a case by case basis. All these listed above have been built after 2010 except for the 4 on Brickell key which was built between 2002- 2008. 

If you have any questions about the construction or integrity of a specific building in Miami, give me a call. I'd be happy to provide any additional information about these buildings so you can enjoy your home without the fear of damage from storms. 

Sept. 21, 2017

Getting Mortgage Approval After a Loan Modification

Many homeowners faced financial hardships during the recession. Loan modifications were and still are a way for homeowners to hold on to their home instead of losing it in foreclosure. If you are in the middle of a home modification or have had an approved modification you may be wondering what will happen if you want to move to a new home.Getting Mortgage Approval After a Loan Modification

Here is what to expect when you are in a modification and searching for a new home and home loan.

The loan modification is a change from the original terms of a mortgage that resulted in the restructuring of one of these: principal curtailment, forgiveness, forbearance, payment reduction, or any other changes to terms on the original mortgage notes. Every modification is different but the most common is a reduction in a mortgage payment.

Conventional mortgage loan guidelines require that when trying to finance a new property you will need to have 12 months of payment history on the modification. So if you got a modification 12 months ago and have stayed current with every payment you are okay to apply for a loan on a new home. If you had a write-down, a principal balance forgiveness, on the mortgage in most cases you will be found ineligible for a new loan. If you only had a payment reduction then the 12 months of payments will more than likely allow you to be eligible for a new loan.

Most of the time when you get a loan modification, the lender will report it to the credit bureau and it will go on your credit record. Check your credit report to see if it was in fact reported if the lender did not report the modification this can work to your advantage. (Especially after the issues we've had with Equifax. Be even more on top of your credit history). Lenders work from your credit report to determine your financial health and reliability. - Read More on how Equifax has affected home buyers

You will need to provide a copy of your loan modification that specifically details the modification. Some borrowers will have different interpretations of what Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac consider to be a modified or restructured mortgage. This can work in your favor. If your loan was changed, but no paperwork was signed your lender may report normally to the credit bureaus and the documenting of the modification is no longer necessary and you may be able to avoid waiting the 12 months.

Most banks have the same expectations when issuing a loan after a modification, but not everyone. If you have been turned down for a loan and meet the payment history requirement you may want to get a second opinion or ask for advice from an experienced loan modification lawyer.

For more information on the getting approved if you've faced a loan modification, foreclosure or short sale in the past, give me a call. 

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Aug. 31, 2017

Miami Condo Checklist When Inspecting and Buying

When purchasing a condominium in Miami you'll need to be aware of the differences from a single detached house and what to look for in an inspection.Knowledge is power and understanding everything you can about a condo unit and the building will put you steps ahead in the preparation process.

Miami Condo Checklist When Inspecting and Buying

#1. Understand that there will be a condo association.

Just like a homeowners association for homes in a particular community, each condo building or complex will have their own association. This association could be managed by outside sources or by the board of condo owners. This will manage the Association, keep everyone with the bylaws and conditions of the complex, and handle the money that comes in from condo fees. It's important to look over everything that the Association stands for and the requirements so that you feel comfortable living in the building. If there's something you don't agree with, you can either talk to the board or simply choose a different condominium. And, things can change in a condo association so if you get on the board, you could make a huge difference in changing rules and restrictions. Also, it's important to know how much you will be paying for the Association each month. These fees go for amenity cost and maintenance, management cost and maybe even some utilities. Make sure you feel comfortable with how much you'll be paying each month in association fees and any special assessments for large purchases such as painting the building, roofing or siding replacements.

#2. Use a home inspector that is familiar with the condos in your building.

And even more importantly, familiar with that particular complex. If you use an inspector that is familiar with the building, they know exactly what to look for and may have some insight as to problems the building might have or preparation for future replacement of appliances, special assessments or reserve funds.

#3. Check everything

Be sure to check all heating and air-conditioning appliances, all general appliances, outlets and light switches, anyplace where there could be air leakage or cracks in the foundation or walls, windows, and doors. All of these things should be checked by a qualified and professional inspector but it's also a good idea for you to check them as well. Accompany the inspector throughout the condo and the building so you feel comfortable about purchasing this property.

#4. Ask what you have control over.

You might be surprised to realize once you move in that you can't make any changes to the inside of your condo. There really are associations that restrict this, but not all. Make sure that you can change things, change flooring, paint and do other things inside your home that will not affect the structural integrity of the building or any of the other residents.

If you're ready to look at condos in Miami were specifically the Brickell neighborhood give me a call. This is where I specialize in and I have the resources and referrals to make this purchase smooth and easy-going.

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10 Most Popular Condo Buildings in Brickell

Buying into a Co-op Condo Building

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Aug. 25, 2017

Most Walkable Condos in Brickell

Best Walkable condo buildings in Brickell MiamiIf you don't own a car or you just don't want to deal with parking and driving just to go to dinner, then you're probably looking for a Brickell condo with a perfect walk score. is a website that looks at every address across the country and determines walkability, transit and bike feasibility. With a walk score of 90-100 it's considered a "Walkers Paradise" as most daily errands don't require a car.  If you're looking for a condo in Brickell, nearly all have a high walk score but only a few boast a 99. Here they are.

The Axis on Brickell. Located on the corner of 1111 SW. 1st Ave. and 79th SW. 12th St. in Miami, this complex boast a 99 walk score. Shops, restaurants, markets and daily errands can all be done on foot within a block or two of the front door. This condo was built in 2008 and features several different floor plans in prices from $400,000 up to about $1 million. There are a lot of amenities in the Access including hot tubs and swimming pools, valet and security, game rooms and fitness rooms, business centers and concierge.

1050 & 1060 Brickell. These two towers feature a total of 576 units with a walk score of 99. These buildings also have a wide range of amenities including a yoga and aerobics room, spa treatment and steam rooms, personal humidors for cigars and Wine storage cabinets, game rooms, fitness centers and 24 hour security. These high-end luxury units range from about $450,000 to $1.8 million.

Jade on Brickell. Located at 1331 Brickell Bay Dr., this building, constructed in 2004, offers nearly 340 luxury condominiums with a walk score of 99. Each unit has been carefully constructed and designed with high-end appliances, custom Italian wood cabinetry and Jacuzzi tub in the master bathrooms. The average price for this complex is about $670 per square foot ranging in price from $800,000-$6 million.

The Vue on Brickell. Located at 1250 South Miami Ave., the Vue was built in 2004 and features 323 units on 36 stories. These units are some of the more affordable units in Brickell ranging in price from $300,000-$600,000. Homeowners dues are between $800 and $1000 per month and the building offers residents a fitness center, swimming pool with cabana area and 24 hour concierge, valet, and security.

Nine at Mary Brickell Village. This 35 story luxury condominium tower offers nearly 400 one, two, and three bedroom units with private landscaped entrance, valet parking, 24 hour security and pet friendly services. Residents have access to more than 35 restaurants, retail boutiques and specialty food shops all within a few block radius. This is one of the most exclusive condo buildings in the entire Miami area.

The Bond. Located at 1080 Brickell Ave., this of 44 story complex features nearly 330 residents designed by Loguer and Terry O'Neill. Prices start at about $385,000 up to $1.4 million.

So there you have it; if you're looking for a condo building in the Brickell neighborhood with the near perfect walk score, this is your list. Feel free to click on any of the condo names for complete list of units for sale in that building. When you're ready to take a closer look my office to schedule a showing.

Aug. 11, 2017

Best Pet-Friendly Condos in Brickell Miami

There are several pet-friendly condominium complexes in downtown Brickell, just seconds from Miami and Miami Beach. If you are looking to bring your four-legged friend or perhaps another animal along with you, these are the buildings that you want to search in.

Pet-Friendly Brickell Condos

Each of these buildings offers something different and they have different rules and restrictions for each. Below is a list of condominiums and their requirements when it comes to your furry friend.

1060 Brickell - One dog up to 25lbs, two cats or two dogs up to 50 lbs. 

500 Brickell - One of the only with no restrictions

Atlantis on Brickell – This complex allows two pets per unit under 20 pounds and tenants are also allowed to have their own pets.

Axis on Brickell - no restrictions

Bayshore Place – This building allows one pet per unit under 15 pounds for owners only.

Brickell Bay Club – this complex allows two pets per unit under 15 pounds but there must be approved before access.

Brickell Bay Tower – this building allows one pet per unit under 25 pounds for owners only.

Brickell Forest – This unit allows one pet per unit under 60 pounds (this is the largest pet or weight restriction of any Brickell condominium complex).

Brickell East – This complex allows one pet per unit under 15 pounds only.

Brickell Key I – The First Phase allows pets under 15 pounds for owners only without limitation on the quantity.

Brickell Key II – This tower allows one pet per unit under 20 pounds for owners only.

Brickell Place II – This condo complex allows one pet per unit under 15 pounds for owners only.

Brickell House - No restrictions

Bristol Tower – This is the only Brickell complex that has no restrictions on pets of any kind, quantity or limitations.

Courts – This complex has a limitation of one pet per unit under 25 pounds for owners only.

Costa Bella – This complex allows one pet per unit under 20 pounds for owners only.

Fortune House – This building has no written limitations but the pets have to be hundred 20 pounds and renters can have pets to with a $200 deposit as long is it is approved by the owner.

Imperial at Brickell – This complex is restricted to two pets per unit under 28 pounds each.

Isola - This building has a 2-pet restriction no more than 60 lbs. 

Ivy at Riverfront - Up to 50 lbs limit

The Metropolitan – As a requirement of one pet per unit under 40 pounds and tenants are allowed as well with approval by the owner.

Mint - Up to 50 lb limit

One and Two and Three Tequesta Point - All three buildings have a limit of one pet per unit under 25 pounds for owners only.

Santa Maria – This complex has a limitation of two pets per unit with no weight restrictions.

St. Louis – This complex has a restriction of one pet per unit under 20 pounds.

Villa Brickell – This complex has a restriction of one pet per unit under 20 pounds.

Villa Regina – This building has a restriction of one pet per unit under 20 pounds for owners only.

Some policies may have changed so be sure to check with me or the building on updated information. Call me if you'd like a tour of any of these or click on the links above to browse listing and learn more about the building.

July 27, 2017

Top 10 Most Popular Brickell Condos in Miami

The term most popular could be subjective. Brickell has about 100 condo buildings throughout Brickell and Brickell Key to choose from, so how is a new homeowner supposed to decide?

Whether it's the best, the most popular, or the closest to your favorite coffee shop, being the best is all subjective to what you are looking for, the price, the amenities, and the location. While you can find a list anywhere, being in the real estate industry for so many years, I've done my own research as to what I feel are the best or most popular Brickell condominiums.

Santa Maria

1) Santa Maria

The Santa Maria comes in as one of the best luxury condominiums in Brickell. With some very large units, direct ocean views, and some of the most expensive units sold in Brickell, Santa Maria tops the list with amenities, luxury and lifestyle. On a scale which ranks quality, water, views, and management, Santa Maria comes in at the top of the list.

Four Seasons

2) Four Seasons

The Four Seasons offers one of the best services in the area. People have come to expect the best when they think of Four Seasons. Brickell is no exception. With the Equinox Fitness center on the fourth floor, a resort style swimming pool, in-house dining, private cabana, a business center and wedding and meeting venues, the Four Seasons comes in at one of the best buildings in Brickell.

3) Jade Brickell

Jade at Brickell Bay comes in at one of the highest rated condo buildings in the Brickell and even in the Miami area. Its location, views, quality, resell value and utility quality all come in at 9. It's one of the top, luxury boutique buildings in the area and has more amenities than just about any other condominium. Not only does it have all the amenities you would expect out of a luxury condominium but it offers on-site restaurants, media room and library, rooftop lounge and observation deck.

4) Bristol Tower

The Bristol Towers also comes in at the top of the luxury list. It ranks up there with some of the highest quality construction, utilities and security. Built in 1993, it has an average square footage price of about $685. With all the amenities you expect out of a luxury condominium, this circular building has large sizes from 1200 ft.² to over 9000 ft.².
Brickell City Center

5) Brickell City Center

The Brickell City Center condominium is one of the best new construction luxury condominiums in Brickell. Condos started about $700 per square feet and offer lots of luxury, high-end, new features such as private elevators, better fixtures, high-end appliances, children's play area, library, café services and assigned parking for all units with secure garage and valet parking services.

6) Asia Brickell Key

Asia also comes in at one of the top luxury condominiums in Brickell, technically located on Brickell Key. It has the highest marks for views, quality, water quality and safety. It was built in 2008 by Swire Properties and has an average price per square foot of $1100. It features five private elevators per floor, lots of amenities and just 123 units on 33 floors. It has layouts up to 5500 ft.² but has some of the highest priced condo association fees in the area anywhere from $2500-$5000 per month.

7) Tequesta II & III

Tequesta, both the 2 Point and 3 Point, come in as some of the best for amenities in the Brickell area. These buildings offer a great deal of services with a personal touch as well as a full-service neighborhood including supermarkets, restaurants, coffee shops, and dry cleaners. With concierge services, racquetball and squash courts, spas and swimming pools, social and game rooms, and valet and covered parking, there is an endless supply of social activities, things to do, and resort style perks.
Villa Regina

8) Villa Regina

I would have to say that the Villa Regina is probably the best Brickell condominium for those that own a boat. You have access to a private Marina for residents only and a water pathway out to the ocean. It has all your standard resort amenities such as swimming pools and hot tubs, fitness center and security, social room and concierge services, but the 43 slip marina is really one of the highlights. It's known as the Wall Street of the South, conveniently located next to Brickell Village and Circle Park.

Villa Regina

9) The Palace

Unlike its name, the Palace is probably one of the more affordable places to live in Brickell. With condominiums starting less than $500,000, you have the chance to live in Brickell without the million dollar price tag. However, homeowners dues are still quite expensive and cover a lot of amenities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, tennis courts, a water pathway and 24 hour security. It overlooks the waterfront with stunning views of the bay and makes my list as one of the top places to live in Brickell.

The Nine at the Village

10) Nine at Mary Brickell Village

With a prime location and some of the more affordable prices in Brickell, the Nine at Mary Brickell Village comes in at #10 on the most popular condos in Brickell. This building offers exclusive services and indoor amenities as well as a multilingual staff, clubroom, Zen Garden, fitness center and yoga studio, and it's close to the Mary Brickell Village with a 1 acre private Park is a linked Terrace to the village. There's really nothing like it and with affordable condominiums starting at less than $600,000, this is a great option for anyone looking to move to Miami.

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Image Courtesy of The Miami MLS