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Feb. 19, 2018

Best Places To Shop In Brickell


 Best Places To Shop In Brickell

Downtown Miami provides visitors and residents with a unique shopping experience with many different styles of malls and shopping areas. In the Brickell neighborhood, shoppers can find the Brickell City Centre, the Brickell City Centre Farmers Market, and Mary Brickell Village.

Brickell City Centre: This is the biggest of the shopping malls in Brickell with a large selection of retail, restaurant and specialty providers. The City Centre features many high-end clothing retailers including 120% Lino, Fabiani Filippi and Saks Fifth Avenue. If you are looking for designer shoes there are shops for that too, you can find your newest pair at places like Addict, Font and Giuseppe Zanotti. There are also plenty of specialty stores for any other needs you might have including jewelers, stores selling perfumes, candles and even a tea shop. And if you get hungry, there are restaurants throughout the City Centre that you can stop at for a quick bite. Brickell City Centre is located at 701 S Main St.

Brickell City Centre Farmers Market: This farmers market is located at 98 SE 7th St and is put on by Green Market Co-op. The market includes vendors selling produce, food, arts and crafts, and even pet food.  Shoppers can find plenty of fruits and vegetables while they are in season and all products are locally sourced. The Brickell Farmers Market is open every Saturday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. rain or shine and there is parking available on-site.


Mary Brickell Village: This is a smaller shopping mall that features mostly restaurants and services but there are still some shops to check out. Mary Brickell Village’s shops specialize in fashion stores like OFY Menswear, Blush and Basik. The mall does have a variety of spas and beauty services which make it a great spot for a girl’s night out or when you need a bit of pampering. And this mall is a great place to grab a bite to eat since there are a plenty of restaurants offering whatever you may be craving. 

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Feb. 16, 2018

Is This Keeping You From Finding Your Next Home?

 Buying a home can be compared to finding the love of your life. You go on many outings, blind dates, meet and greets, online stalking, and first dates to determine if you want to continue down a path of relationship hopefully leading to a commitment. Whether this is your first home or your seventh the long process of searching can be discouraging.

Sometimes we are the ones holding ourselves back in the process with our expectations, beliefs, and maybe even fear of taking action to move forward. Let’s take a look at five things that may be keeping us from finding the right home.


Is This Keeping You From Finding Your Next Home?

Seeing a Home “as-is”

This doesn’t mean taking a home at its face value and being happy with it. Instead, it means looking past the current “as-is” state of a home and seeing what it could be. You may walk into a home to find an ugly paint color or carpet that has lived out its life. These are things that can be easily changed and would surprise you how the home can look completely different with a few touch-ups. Many buyers pass up amazing homes because they are seeing a home in ugly clown makeup and cant look past it instead of seeing it at its full potential.


Not Working with a Great Agent

A large percentage of buyers begin their home search flipping through online listings, but employing the help of an agent can help you to find what you are truly looking for much faster. A great local agent will also be aware of listings that have not yet come on the market. it is a huge time saver to interview agents and hire an expert in the neighborhood you want to live.

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Loose Parameters

When spending large amounts of money it can be easy to compromise for a smaller property at a smaller price or stretch the budget too thin for what seems to be a dream home. Later you may find yourself regretting your purchase. When making large and life-altering purchases you need to sit down and decide what you truly want.

Before you start shopping the best thing you can do is write up a list of needs, nice to have, and dream amenities. When you have these items laid out you will know why it is you are searching for a certain number of rooms and bathrooms. Clearly define your living needs so you know what things can be compromised and what can’t and you don’t end up hating a home with only one shower where mom never gets a warm bath. The list will also help you to define what you can be a little more flexible with.

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Only Thinking About Current Life Needs

There is a time and place for living in the moment, but buying a home is not one of them. It’s wise to think about future needs when purchasing a home. The home you purchase now will need to suffice for life many years down the road. Do your homework about a neighborhood and find the future plans for development, this will help you determine if this is a place you will want to be for years to come.


Not Getting an Inspection

In today’s competitive market buyers are letting go on contingencies in contracts when they make offers on a home. Letting go of an inspection can be a costly mistake especially if the new mortgage payment will be at the top of your budget. An inspection helps you to get the best feel for the health of the home without ripping the walls open to inspect the innermost workings. It is akin to having a mechanic check out a used vehicle before purchase.

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As a Miami real estate agent, I can help you to find a home you will love for years to come. For more information on buying a home or condo in Miami please browse the website or contact me anytime.





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Feb. 5, 2018

Miami is the 11th Most Expensive Rental Market in the Country

Miami is the 11th Most Expensive Rental Market in the Country

According to a recent study report by ABODO Apartments, Miami as one of the highest rents in the country. Miami is currently coming in as the 11th most expensive rental market out of a total of 110 major US cities analyzed. A one bedroom rental price is about $1825, which has been 8.61 increase from January to February just this year. The national median rent for a one bedroom dropped from $1046 to $1044, the first decrease in six months.

Other studies show that Miami Metro area has the most need for affordable housing in the country. The median list price for downtown is $425,000 which is up 6% over last year at this time. Within the studies, it also says that Miami is the most cost burden rental market, which shows that West Palm Beach in the Miami Fort Lauderdale Metro area has the highest share of low-income renters in the country. This means there are more people spending more than 30% of their income on housing and just about anywhere in the country.

Millennial's, those age 18 to 34, ranked third nationally with 59% of renters being cost burdened. For Generation X and baby boomers, we will leave the nation in cost burden renters at 50% and 61%. Looking at a national study, only Florida, Hawaii, California and Washington state of some of the top millennial renter cost burdened demographics anywhere in the country.

In addition, many Miami rents have declined in popular neighborhoods such as South Beach, Brickell, downtown, and Edgewater. Coconut Grove was one of the only ones that displayed a clear increase in rent driving prices up nearly 11% over last year. This could be due to an oversaturated inventory supply. According to Apartment List, 24,000 renters were surveyed finding that 76% of them in South Florida plan to settle in a new city within the next year.

What does all this mean? It means that investors are out in full force looking for any and all properties to add to the real estate portfolio. Buyers can get a great home and he rented out or use it as the primary residence. Regardless, the real estate market tends to be doing a little bit better than all rental market as of late.

For more information on the Miami rental market or real estate market stay tuned to my blog or browse all current homes for sale in the Miami area.

[Source - Miami.curbed]

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Jan. 26, 2018

Herald Plaza Will Be Miami's Newest Events Venue

The former site of the Miami Herald will now become an event venue. Nestled on the waterfront of Biscayne Bay in the former location of the Miami Herald, is the new location for an event venue and home to future live events.Live and Loud Miami

Resorts World Miami has already started to host events at the site in conjunction with Art Miami and Context Art Fair just last month. The owner will continue to bring in several event groups and continue on with a multiyear partnership. The location will be used for music, art, sports, entertainment, and arts events. This large-scale space with an ideal waterfront signing is the perfect central location for entertainment and sports events. The CEO of Loud and Live, Nelson Albareda says that this will also be a place for global corporations and lifestyle brands. They plan to be on the short list of the best venues internationally and feels that partnering with Resorts World Miami will do so. Previously, unsuccessful attempts to bring a casino to the waterfront site have failed.

This nearly 15-acre parcel that was once home to the Miami Herald from 1963 to 2015 will get a complete makeover within the next few months. It's already hosting several events and will continue to revamp its location and appearance to accommodate live events and expos. The location will accommodate all kinds of temporary structures to satisfy the needs of any given event.

Loud and Live is an entertainment, marketing, media, and live events company, which performs a wide range of entertainment such as music, sports, lifestyle, and content development. They are headquartered in Miami to this is a perfect location to expand their venue. [Source]

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Jan. 18, 2018

Bidding Wars in Miami are in Full Effect


A bidding war can result when there is a heightened buzz on a particular listing, and sellers receive multiple offers. Buyers outbid each other in order to gain the property. While we haven't seen this type of negotiating in the past several years, it was very popular in the early 2000's when the housing bubble was expanding dramatically. However, we are getting back to those types of negotiations if the home is priced correctly. In Miami, there may be several homes and condo that are priced specifically to create a bidding war between buyers by pricing the home lower than market value. This may create multiple offers on the home and sellers have their pick of choosing which offer to go with.Bidding Wars in Miami are in Full Effect

So if you're a buyer in today's market how do you win out in a bidding war?

There are some tactics that work but honestly having an agent that knows the negotiating strategy and works on your behalf can be half the battle. Sometimes that face-to-face meeting and an explanation regarding the buyer’s worthiness can really make an impact and a good impression with the listing agent and the sellers.

Other details that can help you win in a bidding war are to have all of your finances completely done and ready to go. If you are completely approved, have proof of that, have a substantial down payment, flash earnest money and potentially offer more than the listing price, your offer is sure to get looked at.

But, make sure you understand the market before you make too many promises that the appraiser cannot keep. If the home is priced $10,000 below market value then you can easily offer (as long as you are approved for that much) $10,000 over the listing price. You may even want to offer more than that should be appraiser be able to come in a little bit higher.

You can offer an escalation clause, which will outbid your next highest competition by a certain amount up to the highest price you'll go.

Again, a face-to-face meeting and understanding the seller can really work wonders when it comes to winning a bidding war. If the sellers need extra time to move out or if they are looking for a quick close, you can speak with the listing agent and really get a sense of how motivated the sellers are.

It's more possible to win a bidding war by having an agent that knows the strategy, can negotiate for you, and meet the listing agent face-to-face.  These advantages can really work wonders on getting your offer approved over your closest competition.

Give me a call today for more information on offering your best on your next Miami real estate purchase.

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Jan. 4, 2018

Miami at 1,000 Feet? It May Be Coming

Currently, Florida's tallest tower is just 868 feet tall, however, that's about to change for Miami's developers. The on-again, off-again race to the top is currently on and aspiring builders are looking for gargantuan architectural structures making a statement to Miami skyline. Property Markets Group has quietly filed plans with the city for 1036'foot hotel and condo tower on Biscayne Boulevard, which, if completed, will be the tallest residential building south of New York City.Miami at 1,000 Feet? It May Be Coming

Miami's Sieger Suarez Architects are currently planning and developer Jeff Berkowitz is looking to completion next spring on the outlandish Sky capitalize Miami, a hairpin that shaped observation tower and vertical amusement park sitting behind Bayside Marketplace. It boasts the world's longest bungee cord jump.

Florida's East Coast Realties Tibor Hollo is the current titleholder with the Panorama tower topping off at 868 feet if you count the tower at the top. Hollo is now looking to claim the first 1000 foot building with two Twinned condo towers on Brickell Bay Drive designed by Foster + Partners and One Bayfront Plaza, a scooped shaped, mixed-use tower on Biscayne Boulevard.

PMG has already created the website for 300 Biscayne but there is very little information beyond renderings. The tower would have 93 stories, 640 dwellings, a hotel, a restaurant, and a Terrace on the 18th floor. It would be a companion to its much lower X Miami apartment tower currently under construction. This new plan is actually a makeover of the previous twin tower project that one of reach 110 stories on the same site. However, the developer says he's not in it for the race but because that's where development in Miami is inevitably trending. It's not necessarily a competition for height although that is the evolution of the project. There's just no room to build horizontally so you must go up.

One of the biggest obstacles is the Federal Aviation Administration caps on heights in and around downtown. The Miami International Airport must maintain clear lanes for planes landing and taking off over the area. But, under pressure from the city and builders, the FAA agreed to lift this ca over 1000 feet for the first time but only just over at 1049 feet, almost the exact height of the projected project.

Regardless, all of this development is changing Miami skyline in a very interesting way. It's a very different looking city than it was just a decade ago and with climate change, it could be incredibly different within the next 50 years.

Stay tuned to my blog for more updates on downtown Miami and Brickell developments or for information on residential buildings contact my office or browse the website.

Dec. 29, 2017

Highest Priced Home in Brickell (And it's Not a Condo)

Brickell highest price property right now as of the end of 2017 is not a condominium like one would think on Brickell Key or even downtown, single-family home located in the prestigious Historic District. Within walking distance to Brickell Village, local restaurants and cafés is a beautiful five bedroom 6 1/2 bath home in Brickell's Flagler. This single-family home is currently priced at $4,850,000 and located right along Miami Avenue.Most expensive home in Brickell

If you've been looking for a stunning five bedroom and seven bath home with a modern twist, and recently renovated design, this is it. This over 6000 square-foot property is located on a nearly 13,000 square-foot lot with a modern design of the prestigious architect D. Reinaldo Borges. Artistic details and elements designed by William Barbosa making this property a truly unique piece of art. The remodeling house is still under construction expected to be completed in March 2018. There's still time to add on your own personal magical touches and preferences to this home.

This detached two-story home is located within the Miami school district and served by the Air Base elementary school, one of the best schools in the area, theCoral Way K – 8 center, the Shenandoah middle school, and the Miami Senior high school. The Robert Morgan vocational tech Institute also serves this home.

This home also has a 73 walk score, a 65 transit score and 71 bike score. Shops and restaurants, as well as downtown Brickell Village, is just minutes away. 

The backyard boasts a perfect entertainment space with a large patio, swimming pool, spa, and sunroom.

I love to personally show you this fantastic new listing. If you'd like to schedule a showing contact me at any time. Feel free to browse my website for more information or for more details on luxury, high-end properties in Brickell.



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Dec. 13, 2017

Paramount Miami Worldcenter Reaches Half-Way Point

Miami's Paramount Worldcenter hit it's halfway point in construction and is currently 70% sold with over 48 nationalities represented among the buyer pool according to a Paramount spokesperson. It's the first condo tower within Miami Worldcenter project and features over 500 units on 60 stories. It's expected to be finished the first 1:45 thousand 19. They will finalize the top of the building by summer of 2018.Paramount Worldcenter

Paramount Worldcenter will reign as king of the amenity world in downtown Miami as the list goes on and on. Owners can buy their own pool cabana starting at $295,000. There is an amenity deck, 90 feet up the building, which includes the country's first outdoor soccer field to be featured in a high-rise residential development. There will be two tennis courts, a boxing studio, an indoor basketball court, a rooftop observatory, a game room, and a media room perfect for jamming out to your favorite tunes.

The building will feature a penthouse collection as well as a massive retail component along the ground floor encompassing over 27 acres. This complex will radically transform the downtown area when it is complete.

Speaking of their penthouse collection, there are 26 residences ranging in price from $3.5 million to $9.5 million. Eight of these units will be two-story duplexes and all penthouses are located in the upper corner of the 60 story tower. These units will feature four or five bedrooms in sizes from 3500 ft.² to over 6000 ft.². The duplexes on the 54th floor and two others on the 55th and 57th floor will represent the "Skydeck", which is designed to "look like the home of the magnificent Italian superyacht". It will feature its own sky lounge, multiple swimming pools, the observatory, sundeck, golf simulator, playroom, and a tai chi deck.

Other amenities for the penthouses include a private elevator access, chef kitchens with 12-foot islands, high-end appliances and 10-foot ceilings throughout.

Now, let's talk about those cabanas. Starting at $295,000, these luxury poolside bungalows are the top of the town. There 90 feet above the ground on the upper deck amenity level and are offered exclusively to unit owners. Each of the 26 cabanas is 227 ft.² under air and includes an entertainment area, a bar, a bathroom with a shower and a rooftop terrace. Each of these also carries a monthly maintenance fee of $175.

For more information stay tuned to my blog or if you'd like details on units for sale in the Paramount Miami Worldcenter contact me today.

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Nov. 30, 2017

Best Holiday Events in Miami 2017

Best Holiday Events in Miami 2017

As we say goodbye to Thanksgiving 2017 we look towards Christmas, Hanukkah, and the holiday season. However you choose to celebrate, there are a lot of events going on around the Miami area. Here are some of our favorites and some great holiday traditions.

Hip Hop Nutcracker. This unique event is Saturday, December 2 at 1:30 PM and 7:30 PM at the Adrian Arsht Center for Performing Arts. Located at 1300 North Biscayne Blvd. in downtown, this unique twist on an old favorite as hip-hop, music, and a unique turn to a holiday favorite.

A Christmas Carol. This holiday tradition brings the sights and sounds to the big stage on Saturday, December 2 was showings at 11:00 AM, 3:00 PM and 7:00 PM. This event is at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts in Fort Lauderdale.

Winterfest Boat Parade. On Saturday, December 9 enjoy all the beautiful boats and just about anything that floats all decked out with thousands of lights having along the intercoastal waterways. Sailing begins at 6:30 PM and ends at approximately 10:30 PM.

The Living Nativity at the Miami Shores Presbyterian Church. Several weekends in December from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM at 602 NE. 96th St. in Miami Shores, the living Nativity will feature live camels, donkeys, goats, and sheep along with an innovative mix of digital and live-action characters.

Zoo Lights at the Miami zoo. Every Friday and Saturday in December plus the week of December 26-30 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM, lights, live as they cover nearly every corner of this fantastic animal kingdom. Browse for the day and stay for the lights. Enjoy carousel rides, photos with Santa, cookies and hot cocoa.

LeeAnn Rimes, Today is Christmas tour. On Saturday, December 2 at 8:00 PM at the Parker Playhouse in Fort Lauderdale you can enjoy LeeAnn Rimes is Christmas tour.

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra Winter Tour "The Ghosts of Christmas Eve". At the BB &T Center in Sunrise on Friday, December 15 with showings at 8:00 PM.

Holiday Traditions around the World. On December 18 at 10:00 AM at the Amaturo Theater at the Broward Center for performing arts, enjoy a tour of around the world dances, songs and stories from Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and other global traditions.

Santa's Enchanted Forest. This is Miami's largest a Christmas themed amusement park back in its 26th year. There are over 3 million lights, a nearly 100 foot Christmas tree and carnival rides for just about everyone. This is an event that you won't want to miss this holiday season. It runs from November 2 to early January 2018 from 5:00 PM until midnight. It's located in the Tropical Park on the Palmetto and Birch Road in Miami. Tickets are around $32 for adults, $23 for children and seniors and kids under 3 are free. You can even get season and express passes.

The holiday concert, a celebration of Christmas and Hanukkah by the greater Miami symphonic band. On Tuesday, December 12 from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM at the Maurice Guzman concert hall in Coral Gables, enjoy beautiful holiday music from the traditions of Hanukkah as well as Christmas. Tickets are just $15 and $5 for students and children over five.

Chanukah Festival. The 38th annual South Florida Chanukah Festival featuring eighth day and Benny Friedman on Monday, December 18 starting at 7:00 PM. This is a free event but there are box seats and VIP tickets available.

These are just some of our favorite things going on around the Miami area this holiday season. From my family to yours, I wish you a very Happy Holiday Season!


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Nov. 17, 2017

Pre-Construction Condos in Brickell

If you're looking for new construction or preconstruction condominiums in the Miami and Brickell neighborhood here is the top list as of 2017.

Pre-Construction Condos in Brickell

1010 Brickell – created by architects Sieger Suarez and Key International Development, 1010 Brickell features 47 stories with 387 units but along Brickell Avenue. Condominiums are currently selling between $500,000 and $1.3 million. The building features beautiful skyline and water views, top-of-the-line finishes, rooftop sky pool deck and lounge, impact absorbing outdoor running track, virtual golf, recreational and game room and a fitness center. Homeowners dues are approximately $950 per month

SLS Brickell – located at 1300 South Miami Ave. are several new construction condominiums featuring porcelain floors, tailored closets, and Italian kitchens. The condominium building comes with a rooftop deck and pool, spa, fitness center, movie theater, bar, restaurants, and a complete hotel, one of the newest and most exclusive buildings in Brickell. Homeowners dues are approximately $930 per month and condos start at about $1.2 million.

Brickell Ten – Located at 1010 SW. 2nd Ave. is a new construction building featuring gorgeous the luxury condominiums with 155 urban residences offering stunning views of the downtown area, open layouts, 9-foot ceilings, 123 bedroom floor plans and Italian kitchens. Modern luxuries include a 9th-floor indoor-outdoor social club, swimming pool, landscaped gardens, clubroom with pool and billiards, business center and recreational facilities, barbecue area and kids play room, rooftop recreational complex complete with Skyview Gym and state-of-the-art equipment, outdoor spa, outdoor lounge, Sunset Terrace and reflecting pool. Homeowners dues are approximately $975 per month and property start at around $500,000.

Reach Condo – located at 68 SE. 6th St. is a new Reach condominiums complete with community room, heated pool, hobby room, spa, swimming pool, and other services. Pets are allowed in this 43 story complex. Prices start at about $700,000.

Brickell Heights – Located 55 SW. 9th St., there are several units with new construction and preconstruction qualifications. These 1 to 3 bedroom floor plans between 800 ft.² and 1700 ft.² are priced from about $380,000. The building features state-of-the-art amenities including one rooftop pool and one interior pool, Jacuzzi, steam room, media room, business center, 24/7 security, valet, and concierge services. Homeowners dues are around $550 per month.

For more information on any of these preconstruction or new construction condominiums in the Brickell neighborhood please browse the website or contact my office to schedule a showing or for more details.