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April 13, 2015

Nautilus Homes and Real Estate

Nautilus - Biscayne Bay View Neighborhood

Located just north of Interstate 195 and the Julia Tuttle Causeway in Miami Beach Florida is a small community of the Nautilus. The Nautilus comprises a small island and part of Miami Beach from Pinetree Drive to Highway 112 stretching from Biscayne Bay to the Biscayne Waterway on the east. In the center of this community is the Nautilus middle school and just across the Biscayne waterway is the North Beach elementary school. There are numerous parks, residential neighborhoods and of course the main interstate running east and west to the rest of Miami Beach and downtown Miami. The Mount Sinai Medical Center is located in the southern end of this community.

Nautilus  Homes and Real Estate

The average home price for the Nautilus community is between $950,000 and $1.5 million. There are several high-end estates along Biscayne Bay priced upwards of $15 million. Home prices are a little bit lower between the Biscayne Waterway and Indian Creek. These home prices start at about $300,000 to $1.5 million. Although there are a couple main thoroughfares running north and south through the Nautilus, there are also several quieter residential neighborhoods. 47th St. to the north crosses over that Biscayne Waterway as does 41st in the South.


Most of the homes in Nautilus were built between the 1950s and the 1980s however many of the waterfront homes may have been renovated or completely torn down and rebuilt in the 1990s and 2000. These homes are likely to be priced higher than a 1950s home. There are smaller lots on the eastern side of Nautilus. Condominiums start at about $250,000 and are found mainly to the south of the neighborhood.

Nautilus  Homes and Real Estate


Muss Park is located in the center of Nautilus along Biscayne Waterway. This small park offers shelters, waterfront activities and green space.

Pinetree Park is the largest park in Nautilus located along Indian Creek on the east side of the community. It is a heavily wooded park open sunrise to sunset. There's a dog park in Pinetree Park with two double gated dog runs. There's also benches, drinking fountains, and green space.

Polo Park is adjacent to the novelist middle school and features tennis courts, basketball courts, sports fields and green space.

If the Nautilus sounds like your type of neighborhood,  there are typically 50 to 100 properties for sale at any given time in this community. The free to browse our website for all current listings or simply contact me for a personalized list of homes in the Nautilus community that match your search criteria and price

April 7, 2015

Golf Course Homes on Miami Beach

There are four golf courses up-and-down Miami Beach Florida. Two of them are further north in Bal Harbour; Indian Creek and Normandy Shores. The two south are La Gorce County Club and The Miami Beach Golf Club.

 Golf Course homes on Miami Beach

Miami Beach Golf Club - Originally opened in 1923 by developer Carl Fisher, the Miami Beach Golf Club is one of the largest courses on Miami Beach. Over the years, different remodeling tasks has made it out to be the beautiful and luxurious course it is today. There is a pro shop, restaurant and venue for hosting weddings and gatherings. This golf course is located on the southern and with views of Sunset Islands in the Bayshore neighborhood of Miami Beach. There are homes on the west side but due to Highway 907 most of these are not golf course frontage. Those on the east side along meridian Avenue are priced from one point $1 million-$3 million and along Prairie Avenue priced from $1.8 million.

La Gorce Golf Course - This course is located in the La Gorce neighborhood of Miami Beach a little farther north than the Miami Beach Golf Club. Located on its own little island west of A1A. Originating in 1924, this course was completed in 1927 and received national prominence when the Miami Beach/La Gorce open was played here. Membership is required. The club features an 18 hole golf course, tennis courts with lessons and clinics, a croquet lawn, pool facility, fitness center, massage therapy, sauna and steam room, fine and casual dining and children's programs. This course probably has the most homes completely surrounding the course priced from $1.3 million all the way to $30 million or more for luxury waterfront homes and estates.

Normandy Shores Golf Club - Further north still between the North Bay Village and North Beach is the Normandy Shores Golf Club. Also nestled on its own little island, this course was founded in 1928 in the city of Miami Beach created a man-made island specifically for the golf course. There's a restaurant, pro shop and golf instruction available for members. Homes completely surround this course along Fairway Drive and Shore Drive with more affordable options starting at about $600,000. There are also condominiums that overlook this golf course starting at about $115,000. The Normandy waterway runs directly through Normandy Isle, so many condos and homes on the south side have both waterfront and golf course views. 

Indian Creek - Located west of the town of Surfside Indian Creek Country Club is a premier golf course on its own man-made island surrounded on three sides by the Indian Creek Island Road boasting luxury estates and larger waterfront properties. Course access is private and exclusive. Homes that surround the course start at over $20 million. There are only a handful of exclusive and extremely affluent homes on this island.


If you would like information or a list of homes that meet your search criteria and price along any of these golf courses for Miami Beach to Bal Harbour please give us a call today. We can offer you an elite list and a personal showing of any of the homes for sale along golf courses in Miami Beach.

Image by Joshua Smith Flickr

March 30, 2015

Investment Opportunities in Miami Beach

Investment Opportunities in Miami Beach - Prices, Features and Where to Start

Miami Beach currently has many multi-residential or multifamily investment properties to choose from. At the publishing of this post there are currently 24 properties for sale priced from $450,000-$6,990,000. Of these properties are located from Surfside to North Bay Village all the way south to Fisher Island. SEARCH NOW

What you need to know about Investment Properties: Investment Opportunities in Miami Beach

Choose the right agent. It helps to choose an agent that is well-versed in investment properties in running the numbers. As a Miami Beach real estate expert is my passion to understand the market, current trends, neighborhoods and to find you the best property for your investment.

Consider vacancy rates. Look over the past vacancy history of the complex to see if this is an issue you will have to deal with in the future. This can be one of the most costly expenses you're likely to face so understanding local property management, the average vacancy rate and setting aside some funds just in case are all smart investment strategies.

Features of a Profitable Rental Property:

Understand the neighborhood. The quality of the neighborhood influences the type of tenants you'll attract and how much vacancies you're likely to expect. Neighborhoods near universities and schools may have potential tenants made up of students that may rotate quite frequently. Those in retirement communities may find tenants for the long haul.

Attractive schools. Consider the school district that your investment property will reside in and if it gains positive remarks and ratings from students and parents alike. This would be a great feature to emphasize when looking for potential tenants.

Complex amenities. The complex in which you are purchasing a multifamily residential property or even the neighborhood may feature unique amenities such as walking distance to shops, restaurants, a gym, and public transportation stations. All of these are excellent features to emphasize when looking for potential tenants.

Future development. If you're considering investing in an up-and-coming neighborhood understand how the future development will affect your tenants and income. If it looks like there will be future development in a positive light, understand that you may have the potential to gain more income so this could be an excellent investment.

Natural disasters. We do live in Florida and there is the chance of a violent storm. Be cautious about the type of insurance the complex or property will require and if this will be a factor in determining possible tenants.

If you're ready to get started looking at investment properties in Miami Beach please feel free to give me a call today or start your online search here for all investment opportunities in Miami Beach and surrounding areas. SEARCH NOW

March 23, 2015

Selecting a Home in Miami with a Hidden Room

This idea is not just for the movie stars and celebrities. More and more homes are offering a hidden room or secret space that most people would never find had they not know it’s there. “If walls could talk” has a whole new meaning but how popular are these and what are they really used for?

Hidden rooms in Miami HomesBuilders have been getting interesting requests to create hidden rooms in existing homes as well as new construction not just to serve as an office or wine cellar but for security zones as well. Many construction companies are creating unique disguises for hidden spaces. Whether it’s a trap door, stone wall or armoire that opens to a new space, these hidden rooms are becoming very popular. Even gaining access to the rooms are becoming more common place than just the movies. Touching the right spot on a wall or leaning a book back to move the wall is all becoming more common place. 

This notion has really increased over the past few years and about 30% of some contractor’s work is solely creating designs for high-security rooms. These would also include soundproof doors and possibly involve bullet proof material as well. Sometimes even the crew doesn’t know it’s suppose to be a secret until after it’s built and then the secret door is added later. 

So what do you do if you want to sell a home or buy a home with a hidden room? 

Most of the time the room will only be disclosed during walk throughs but certainly not advertised as such. Adding a private room can actually boost a home’s value if it increases square footage but adding a secret room is not cheap. A simple bookcase concealing a hidden room can run put o $4,000 and more shelter or secure places could be upwards of over $15,000.

Homes listed and sold that included a secret room from 2010-2014 in 48 markets had a median sale price of $409,400, well above the $235,000 for homes without a clandestine space, according to Redfin.” [Source]

Wine cellars are also going underground to keep the wine at perfect temperatures and low humidity. Doors that hide these places can be easily disguised and visitors won’t know any difference.

Hidden or secret rooms in homesThere are however the ugly side to these rooms. Because they are so well hidden tragedy can occur as in the Cleveland girls hidden for years by a wall that concealed a room. Nevertheless, these rooms are used for privacy and safety above all. Disclosure to would-be buyers is crucial for the sale. 

If you’re interested in buying a house with a hidden room in Miami or Miami Beach please give me a call. As a licensed real estate agent I have access to all the agent remarks and can inquire as such.

Images Source & ChadStark

March 16, 2015

Downtown Miami Plans to Revamp Biscayne Boulevard

Downtown Miami Plans to Revamp Biscayne Boulevard into Biscayne Green - Pedestrian Mecca

Since last year, the Miami Downtown Development Authority along with architects Beharfont and Partners, have planned to completely revamp and revitalize Biscayne Boulevard. A sketch given last year with plans to fully develop the area and convert the boulevard from an 8 Lane Rd. with simple sidewalks is not being realized in the form of an animated video showcasing 2 lanes of traffic, parallel parking, wider sidewalks, bicycle lanes and a park-like median. 

This will turn the highway-like Biscayne Boulevard into a Grand Promenade beginning at Biscayne Boulevard Way and ended NE. 8th St., about where the Freedom Tower is. There will be dedicated bicycle lanes, tons of pedestrian sidewalks and a mall like median. This would have a larger central median featuring landscaping, sculptures, fountain and public amenities. An indoor structure called the this came Green Marketplace will be the centerpiece.

While this is designed to be "green" for pedestrians, it could prove slower for cars. However, Miami's leading urban planners have decided that the best way to deal with the gridlock traffic downtown is to get people out of their cars. This is the point of the plan to overhaul Biscayne Boulevard. The downtown development Authority would narrow the road from four lanes to two lanes and eliminate parking spaces in the middle of the street in favor of more pedestrian walkways and tree-lined parks. Instead of widening the road which is an impossibility, this is designed to give people an alternative to driving. The idea is not to speed up activity through this area but actually slow it down. This came Green is also designed to discourage people from driving in downtown Miami but leave it more for tourists or those not quite in a hurry.

For more information stay tuned to our Miami and Miami Beach blog for real estate in Miami, news and local information.

March 11, 2015

Miami Beach Property Values and Home Prices March 2015

The Miami Beach area is booming with new homes, condominiums, and a wealth of architectural ambience. If you're considering buying or selling on Miami Beach is important to understand the current market trends for the best time to buy and sell. Here's what happening in the real estate market on Miami Beach for March, 2015.Miami Beach real estate market

Currently the average list price is $1,678,000. This figure is up $38,000 over last month. (The average price simply means the sum of all properties for sale divided in half.) The median sales price is up 10% over last year at $370,000. (The median sales price simply means there are the same number of properties priced above the median price as below.) For all condominiums and single-family houses the median list price is $495,000. To you can see the vast difference between the average price and the median price due to the fact that there are numerous properties skewing the top figure well above the million dollar mark.

The median days on the market is approximately 100 days which is up 18% over last year. This is surprising but not all too shocking considering that there are simply more properties for sale than there were last year. People are now considering selling based on the fact that home prices are increasing and homeowners may receive more for their property than they would have a year ago.

In the condominium and townhouse market total inventory comes in about 3600 properties. This summer however has increased in the condominium market due to new facilities and buildings being constructed. One year ago the total inventory for condominiums in town houses was at 3800. The median list price is $425,000, coming in at $512 per square foot. Days on the market for condominiums and townhomes is exactly the same as single-family homes at about 100 days.

Numbers of gone up since August 2014. The number of new listings has increased by about 100 per month and those sold have increased by about 150. Distressed properties, short sales and foreclosures remained the same as February. There were a total of 160 price increases and 677 price decreases. For the entire Miami area the average sales price was 94.7% of the asking price. This is good news for sellers knowing that more often than not, they will receive close to if not their exact asking price.

For more information on homes, property values in real estate in Miami Beach please give me a call at any time or browse the website for more details. If you're considering listing your Miami Beach property now is an excellent time as we head into the spring months. If you're considering selling, prices are decent and rates are still relatively low.

March 10, 2015

9660 W Bay Harbor Dr 5D Miami Beach FL 33154

Miami Beach

March 2, 2015

Bay Harbor Islands

The Bay Harbor Islands is a separate incorporated town located north of Miami Beach by Bal Harbour in Miami-Dade County. It's home to about 5700 residents and is separated from the mainland by Biscayne Bay. It is connected by the Broad Causeway and is bordered by North Miami and the villages of Bal Harbour and Surfside. About 20 minutes from the Miami international Airport between the larger cities of Miami Beach and Aventura. 

Bay Harbor Homes and Real Estate

It's a fairly new city founded in 1947 consisting of two distinct islands: Broadview and Bay Harbor. The West Island of Broadview contains exclusively single-family homes and on the east island of Bay Harbor is the business district with a few multifamily housing options. Just south of the Bay Harbor Islands is Indian Creek and the Indian Creek Country Club. This small island is accessible only by Surfside.

Any given time there are about 50 to 100 properties for sale in the Bay Harbor Islands. Again there are more multifamily homes on the east side of the island along the Indian Creek Inlet. Single-family homes on the west side of the island are priced from about $2 million to over $15 million depending on size, condition and location. These high end luxury homes features stunning views of the Keystone Islands and the Indian Creek golf course. Homes on the northern end of the islands also have views of Sandspur Island and the north end of Biscayne Bay.

Residents of these islands are just a quick trip to Bal Harbour and the Bal Harbour Shops or down to Surfside Beach or Bal Harbour Beach. The homes along Broadview drive which encircled the west side of the island have beautiful waterfront views and boat docks. There are also several lots for sale perfect for custom building.

The multi family homes on Bay Harbor started about $300,000 up to $1 million depending on size, condition, view and amenities.

Downtown Miami is less than 30 minutes or about 16 miles south and Miami Beach is less than 30 minutes or about 7 1/2 miles south of Bay Harbor Islands. Most residents find shops, restaurants, markets and more all within about a 1 mile radius of the Bay Harbor Islands.


If you're interested in the homes and real estate on Bay Harbor Islands or would simply like more information about the islands of Biscayne Bay and the real estate therein feel free to give me a call at any time or browse my website and blog for more details, homes and all listings for sale around Miami and Miami Beach Florida. Image via Google maps

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Feb. 20, 2015

Fendi Chateau What an Amazing Boutique Building

Fendi Chateau Residences


Almost sold out call me today for Availability. 

Very unique Boutique building.


Fendi Chateau Residences




Kenny Raymond PA
The Raymond International Realty Group
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Realty
(786)443-9649 (cell)
(305)675-2695 (Fax)

825 Arthur Godfrey Rd- 2nd Floor, Miami Beach, FL 33140
Prudential's 2009-2012  year Legend award- Top 10  teams & Chairman's Platinum Circle 
Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed.



Feb. 17, 2015

North Bay Village

North Bay Village - Treasure Island and North Bay Island

North Bay Village - Treasure Island and North Bay Island

Right in the middle of Biscayne Bay is the small community of North Bay Village. It's home to roughly 7000 residents in an area less than one square mile. This small villages made up of two islands; treasure Island and North Bay Island. Up until the 1940s, most of these islands were underneath the Biscayne Bay but with dredging and bulk heading in the 1940s, North Bay Island was created and 12 homes were built and quickly occupied. Today, both islands have grown into a lush neighborhood of attractive, affluent single-family residences. Treasure Island is named after Robert Louis Stevenson's novel and many of the streets on treasure Island are a mix of names and titles from the novel.Homes in Biscayne Bay

North Bay Village was incorporated in 1945 and up until the 1970s, was primarily a haven for winter residents. It became popular for restaurants, nightclubs and entertainment attracting celebrities such as Judy Garland and Frank Sinatra. Today, most residents occupy homes year-round and North Bay Village remains one of the most popular destinations for restaurants and business enterprises. It's home to several apartment buildings, condominiums and just under 400 single-family homes.

Highway 934 Miami to Miami Beach and North Beach directly across North Bay Village. To the west is the Pelican Harbor Park as well as the Biscayne Bay aquatic preserve and Pelican Harbor seabird Station, a popular spot for tourists and employment. There are more residential neighborhoods located on treasure Island but all single-family homes are located on the southern side of the causeway.

Popular hotspots include Grandview Palace Marina, Benihana's at Miami Beach, Pasta Vino, Treasure Island school and Shuckers Bar and Grill where you can dock your boat have get some great food.  It's also home to luxury apartments and condominiums with beautiful views of pelican Island, the Normandy Shores golf club is just across the bridge.

Homes are a little bit more affordable in North Bay Village than they are in some of the other islands of Biscayne Bay. Properties start at just $400,000 for single-family homes but and waterfront starts in the $2 million range. Condominiums can reach as high as $2 or $3 million but is rare condo units can start in the $150's.   Waterfront properties naturally more expensive and many homes may offer deep water open bay access. 

Begin your search here for all homes and real estate in North Bay Village Florida.

If you'd like to know more about this popular hotspot close to shops, restaurants and the Bay please feel free to contact me at any time.

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