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Feb. 20, 2015

Fendi Chateau What an Amazing Boutique Building

Fendi Chateau Residences


Almost sold out call me today for Availability. 

Very unique Boutique building.


Fendi Chateau Residences




Kenny Raymond PA
The Raymond International Realty Group
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Realty
(786)443-9649 (cell)
(305)675-2695 (Fax)

825 Arthur Godfrey Rd- 2nd Floor, Miami Beach, FL 33140
Prudential's 2009-2012  year Legend award- Top 10  teams & Chairman's Platinum Circle 
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Feb. 17, 2015

North Bay Village

North Bay Village - Treasure Island and North Bay Island

North Bay Village - Treasure Island and North Bay Island

Right in the middle of Biscayne Bay is the small community of North Bay Village. It's home to roughly 7000 residents in an area less than one square mile. This small villages made up of two islands; treasure Island and North Bay Island. Up until the 1940s, most of these islands were underneath the Biscayne Bay but with dredging and bulk heading in the 1940s, North Bay Island was created and 12 homes were built and quickly occupied. Today, both islands have grown into a lush neighborhood of attractive, affluent single-family residences. Treasure Island is named after Robert Louis Stevenson's novel and many of the streets on treasure Island are a mix of names and titles from the novel.Homes in Biscayne Bay

North Bay Village was incorporated in 1945 and up until the 1970s, was primarily a haven for winter residents. It became popular for restaurants, nightclubs and entertainment attracting celebrities such as Judy Garland and Frank Sinatra. Today, most residents occupy homes year-round and North Bay Village remains one of the most popular destinations for restaurants and business enterprises. It's home to several apartment buildings, condominiums and just under 400 single-family homes.

Highway 934 Miami to Miami Beach and North Beach directly across North Bay Village. To the west is the Pelican Harbor Park as well as the Biscayne Bay aquatic preserve and Pelican Harbor seabird Station, a popular spot for tourists and employment. There are more residential neighborhoods located on treasure Island but all single-family homes are located on the southern side of the causeway.

Popular hotspots include Grandview Palace Marina, Benihana's at Miami Beach, Pasta Vino, Treasure Island school and Shuckers Bar and Grill where you can dock your boat have get some great food.  It's also home to luxury apartments and condominiums with beautiful views of pelican Island, the Normandy Shores golf club is just across the bridge.

Homes are a little bit more affordable in North Bay Village than they are in some of the other islands of Biscayne Bay. Properties start at just $400,000 for single-family homes but and waterfront starts in the $2 million range. Condominiums can reach as high as $2 or $3 million but is rare condo units can start in the $150's.   Waterfront properties naturally more expensive and many homes may offer deep water open bay access. 

Begin your search here for all homes and real estate in North Bay Village Florida.

If you'd like to know more about this popular hotspot close to shops, restaurants and the Bay please feel free to contact me at any time.

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Image by Ines Hegedus Garcia and Mig Rodz Flickr

Feb. 17, 2015

New listing 9660 W Bay Harbor Dr #5D only $399,000








Feb. 10, 2015

Fisher Island Homes and Estates for Sale

Luxury has a name and it's Fisher Island Florida.

Fisher Island sits between Miami and Miami Beach on a barrier island. In 2010, Fisher Island had the highest per capita income of any place in the US. Most of the island is considered part of Miami but a small part of the northern end of the island is incorporated as a part of the city of Miami Beach.Fisher Island Homes and Estates for Sale

Originally named after the real estate developer Carl G Fisher who once owned the island, the properties on this island are only accessible by private boat or ferry. The Vanderbilts once owned homes on this island and later several other millionaires. In the 1960s it was sold for residential development and today it has very limited and restrictive multifamily use.

In 1987 Fisher Island opened the "Club" and a 1993 became an "equity club". The Fisher Island Club takes control of club properties from Fisher Island holdings LLC and operates the club independently. This exclusive and private residency offers beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Miami skyline. By boat or ferry, access is just a few minutes from the mainland or South Miami Beach.

The Fisher Island Club offers golfing, tennis, swimming, shopping and dining. There's a golf course in the center of the island accessible by members only. Accommodations include guest cottages, courtyard villas and guesthouse suites.

Residential properties surround the East, West and southern end of the island around the beautiful golf club itself. Fisher Island Properties range in price from a one point $3 million-$38 million with residential rentals starting at $15,000 per month. There are numerous multifamily properties throughout Fisher Island including condominiums and high-end apartments. All units have luxury amenities, features and high-end appliances and construction material. Many units also feature boat transportation to and from Miami Beach and the mainland.


If you are currently interested in learning more about Fisher Island and the homes and condominiums for sale or for rent, feel free to give me a call at any time. I would be honored to show you some of the properties that match your search criteria and price.

Image by Ines Hegedus-Garcia Flickr

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Feb. 2, 2015

Traffic Routes and Tolls to a Biscayne Bay Island Home

Biscayne Bay stretches from Old Rhodes Key up through Key Biscayne, Miami Beach and North Bay Village. Most of the islands or residential islands, that is, are located between Dodge Island and the Julia Tuttle Causeway or Interstate 195. These include the Venetian Islands, Sunset Islands and Hibiscus, Palm and Star Island. These 13 islands are home to some of Miami and Miami Beach’s most luxurious residential properties. One of the best things about all of the islands is that they are accessible by vehicle. Certain islands such as Fisher Island is only accessible by boat or ferry.

One of the drawbacks is that there are only one or two access points to these islands, which means that during high-traffic times, it might take you a while to get home depending on where you're coming from.Traffic and routes to biscayne bay island homes

There are five main access points from Miami to Miami Beach and one in the north through Haulover Park. Most residents who own property in one of the main islands throughout Biscayne Bay and the Venetian Islands utilize the Venetian Causeway, which directly connects Miami to Miami Beach along the six main Venetian Islands.  I-365 or the MacArthur Causeway is the connection to Palm, Hibiscus, and Star Island. Of course, one could take the Venetian Causeway and then travel south depending on which way offers less traffic.

The Venetian Causeway is also a toll road so be prepared to pay about $1.50 unless you choose alternate routes or passes. Consider this inn your traffic route or home planning pursuit.

I-195 or the Julia Tuttle Causeway is one of the largest freeways from Miami to Miami Beach and directly connects with I-95 and Hwy A1A. For those in the southern part of the Biscayne Bay Islands this would be quite a detour but not uncommon in high-traffic times.

Of course, there's usually construction at some point in the map so it's best to check with current traffic warnings and advisories before heading out or heading back home for the evening. High-traffic times tend to be between 7:00 AM and 9:00 AM and then from about 3:30 PM until 6:00 PM.

From downtown Miami Beach to the Venetian Islands is about 2 1/2 miles or 10 minutes in good traffic. from the Venetian Islands to the downtown Miami area you're looking at about 3.8 miles or 17 minutes. From Miami to Miami Beach is 8.5 miles or about 22 minutes depending on traffic.


For more information or specifics on travel times, highest traffic of the day in the best way to travel to and from the islands of Biscayne Bay from Miami and Miami Beach please don't hesitate to give me a call. Because I've have lived here for several years I know the best routes, shortcuts and access points to many places around Miami and Miami Beach. Image by Ines Hegedus-Garcia Flickr

Jan. 26, 2015

Sunset Island Homes in Miami Beach

Sunset Island Homes and Real EstateThe Sunset Islands are located on the west side of Miami Beach on four small man-made islands between Sunset Lake and the Miami Beach golf club. Nestled between the Julia Tuttle Causeway and the Venetian Causeway, this set of four islands house some of the most exclusive homes in Miami Beach. A mix of waterfront and dry land properties makes up most of the real estate on these four residential islands. Architecture ranges from classic Mediterranean to contemporary and each island enjoy secure gates accessible 24 hours a day by two points off of N. Bay Rd. (The four islands are not connected; the two north islands are accessible from the north and the two south are only accessible from the south)

All the homes features stunning sunset views and the waterfront homes have dockage offering easy access to Biscayne Bay and the ocean. The islands are referred to as Sunset I, II, III and IV starting from the north to the south. Each home is unique and these waterfront estates offer some of the most expensive homes in the area. Nearly all of the homes were built between the 1960s and the 1980s though many properties have undergone numerous renovations but all feature exquisite architecture, lavish features and conveniences for modern needs. They all have one of the most exclusive addresses in all of Miami Beach.

One of the best thing about Sunset Islands is it’s hidden exclusivity. Although these homes are located in a gated neighborhood they are just minutes to the Beach, Markets, and just a few blocks to local dining spots. When deciding on a home in this neighborhood you need to decide whether you want waterfront or not. Many of the homes feature dockage and waterfront access so if you prefer exclusivity without a boat, a non-waterfront home may be ideal. Are you looking for an older, historical Florida home or more modern architecture?

Sunset Island Homes and Real EstateAt any given time there are about 10 homes for sale in the Sunset Islands. Most are priced from about $1.6 million to about $15 million. Even though this may sound like a lot for this area, those on the mainland run about the same but may actually be more per square foot. A luxury home on the mainland or even in Miami Beach itself ran range about $1,600 - $2,100 per square foot where Sunset Island homes start about $1,300 per square foot; a little more affordable. 



If you are considering island life with the protection of Miami Beach and the bay, consider a home on one of the Sunset Islands.  At the time of this post there are 11 properties for sale priced from $2.3 million to $22.9 million. Give me a call at any time for more information on the homes and waterfront estates at Sunset Island, Miami Beach, Florida.

Image by Boss Tweed Flickr

Star, Hibiscus and Palm Island Miami Beach Real Estate

Luxury Properties in the Venetian Islands Miami

Jan. 19, 2015

Star, Hibiscus and Palm Island Miami Beach Real Estate

Star, Hibiscus and Palm Island Real Estate

The three islands of Star, Hibiscus and Palm are located off of MacArthur Causeway in Miami Beach Florida.Star Island

Hibiscus Island is part of the South Beach neighborhood but still in the city of Miami Beach. It's a man-made island in the crystal waters of Biscayne Bay located just north of Palm Island. This residential island is only accessible through by the MacArthur Causeway.

Hibiscus was completed in 1922 by the Army Corps of Engineers. The twin islands of Hibiscus and Palm became winter homes to notable celebrities impressed by the views and the skylines of Miami Beach and downtown Miami. Today, the island is home to several estates and mansions including several converted apartments and condominiums. With high property values, this is one of the most luxurious places to live in all of Miami and Miami Beach.

Palm Island is also a part of South Beach and the city of Miami Beach created around the same time as Hibiscus. This a residential neighborhood has high property values also solely accessible from the MacArthur Causeway through Hibiscus Island. This island is 82 acres of residential estates and luxury properties. Notable residents have included Barbara Walters, Nick Nolte and Al Capone. On the north end of the island is a small park, Palm Island Park complete with tennis courts, basketball courts and open fields. Microphone off

Star Island was also created and dredged in 1922 and part of the South Beach neighborhood of Miami Beach. This island is south of the Venetian Islands and east of Palm and Hibiscus. Unique to Star Island, there is a guardhouse at its entrance and is solely an exclusive, private residential neighborhood. Guests must be called in by a permanent resident in order to enter by vehicle. Pedestrians and cyclists may enter without permission but must stay on the road. This island is accessible only by Bridge Road from MacArthur Causeway.


These islands are part of the Miami-Dade County public school district and utilize the South Pointe elementary school, the Nautilus middle school and the Miami Beach high school.

Home prices vary for each but are roughly the same pricing average of between $2 million and $15 million. Star Island homes are between $10 million and $20 million on average. These luxury homes are private, quiet and part of an elite residential neighborhood.  Browse current listings here or call me anytime for a personalized list of homes and real estate on either Hibiscus, Star or Palm Island in Miami Beach FloridaImage by Pietra and Silvia

Search all Star Island Homes for Sale

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Jan. 12, 2015

Luxury Properties in the Venetian Islands Miami

The Venetian Islands are a set of six islands along the Venetian Causeway between downtown Miami and Miami Beach. These luxury single-family residence neighborhoods are filled with beautiful waterfront homes, stunning views, lush amenities and prices starting about $1 million.

Read more about all the islands in Biscayne Bay

The islands include Biscayne Island, San Marco Island, San Marino Island, Di Lido Island, Rivo Alto Island and Bell Isle.

Bell Isle is the smaller islands located between Rivo Alto and Miami Beach featuring several high-rise condominiums and some of the most affordable homes in all of the Venetian Islands. Several condominiums start at about $250,000.

Biscayne IslandBiscayne Island Venetian Island Miami Beach FL

Biscayne Island features the most affordable single-family homes starting at about $800,000. However, homes on all of these islands can reach as high as $10 million or more depending on style, condition, view and amenities.

The homes on Biscayne Island has some of the most stunning views of the water and all the new waterfront additions currently being built and projected to be built over the next 5 to 10 years. This island will be close to the Resort World Miami, the WorldCenter and luxury residences along the waterfront.

At any given time there's about 2 to 5 properties for sale on Biscayne Island. Again, these could be anywhere from $850,000 to over $10 million. Some luxury homes around the middle of the road, about $5 million would offer a 6 to 7 bedroom single-family home, layouts from 4000 ft.² to 6000 ft.² and properties built from the 1950s all the way till today. These could offer to or three-story properties but most homes are at least two story on the Venetian Islands in order to allow for a more expansive view. Because all of these homes are waterfront properties are likely to find a dock, boat or jet ski lift, luxury swimming pools and outdoor living spaces to enjoy the view and the ambience of living right on the water.

Higher in the properties of $10 million plus are likely to have larger square footage of over 9000 ft.², six or seven bedrooms, a large outdoor living space or rooftop terrace, stunning views, swimming pool and outdoor entertaining area and many of the higher-priced homes were built within the last five years.


For more information on the homes and luxury real estate on Biscayne Island browse the website or contact me for more details and a detailed list of current homes for saleImage by Ed Webster 

Jan. 6, 2015

Edgewater - a Residential and Condo Neighborhood in Miami

Edgewater is a residential neighborhood just north of downtown Miami between Interstate 395 and the Julia Tuttle Causeway (I-195). It is located south of the Upper East Side found by N. 17th St. to the south and N. 37th St. to the north.

Edgewater Miami Condos for Sale

This primarily residential neighborhood offers many historic, early 20th century homes as well as high-rise residential condominium towers along Biscayne Bay. Over the last year, developers have been snapping up parcels of land and keying up high-rise projects along the bayfront neighborhood. Because of this, land prices are soaring. The revitalization of this neighborhood has caused it to become one of the most chic places to live driven by its proximity to the Design District and Midtown. With new condominium buildings such as Icon Bay, residents are flocking to the Edgewater neighborhood. Its central location, affordable condominiums, and beautiful views make this one of the most popular places currently in downtown Miami.

Condominium prices along Biscayne Bay with beautiful views of the island and Miami Beach start at about $450,000. High-end condominiums reach over $800,000 to $1.5 million.

Set away from the beach are several smaller residential neighborhoods with single-family homes and lowrise condominiums. These homes started about $250,000 with higher end, renovated homes over $800,000. There are also some high end luxury properties over $1 million.

The Edgewater neighborhood has roughly 14,000 residents with over 6200 households and about 3000 families residing in the neighborhood according to the local statistical demographics.


Popular condominium buildings include the Paramount Bay at Edgewater Square, a 47 floor condominium building constructed in 2009. The 1800 club is also a 40 floor residential skyscraper located on the corner of N. Bayshore Dr. and North E. 18th St. This building one the SARA Design Award in 2002 for its exterior architectural appeal. Blue on the Bay is a 37 floor high-rise completed in 2005 and launched some of the recent building boom in Miami. This is just a small sampling of some of the high-rise condominium buildings located in Edgewater. For more information on homes and real estate or for a list of all current properties for sale in Edgewater that match your search criteria and price feel free to give me a call at any time. I would be happy to sign you up for email notifications or personally offer you a customized list of homes that appeal to you.

Image by Ines Hegedus-Garcia Flickr

Jan. 6, 2015

Miami Market End of the Year Market Statistics

Miami Existing Home Sales Decline, Prices Increase at Moderate Rate


by | Dec 23, 2014

After two months of significant growth, Miami home sales in November declined 9.2 percent while prices continued to experience more moderate increases, according to the 35,000-member MIAMI Association of REALTORS and the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) system.

New Construction Sales Continue to Impact Existing Condo Sales

Miami, FL – After two months of significant growth, Miami home sales in November declined 9.2 percent while prices continued to experience more moderate increases, according to the 35,000-member MIAMI Association of REALTORS and the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) system.


Sales Rise for Single-family Homes, Condos

Single-family home sales in Miami-Dade County decreased a negligible 1.0 percent relative to November 2013, from 982 to 972. Condominium sales decreased 15.5 percent from 1,274 the previous year to 1,077 last month. Combined, residential real estate sales decreased 9.2 percent to 2,049 compared to 2,256 in November of last year.


“2014 has been another exciting year for Miami real estate,” said 2014 Chairman of the Board of the MIAMI Association of REALTORS Liza Mendez. “While we are experiencing more moderate growth, which reflects a healthier market and more balance between buyers and sellers, sales remain strong compared to the record sales activity of the previous three years.”


Year-to-date, there have been 27,283 sales of existing single-family homes and condominiums in Miami-Dade County.  If another record is not set after December sales are documented, 2014 will still be the second strongest year for local home sales.


Single-family home prices, which again increased in November year-over-year, remain at affordable 2004 levels despite three years of consistent year-over-year increases.  Condo prices also increased in November, marking 41 months of growth in the last 42 months.


The median sale price for single-family homes increased 5.4 percent, up to $245,000 from $232,000 in November 2013. The average sale price for single-family homes increased 8.0 percent from $366,309 in November 2013 to $395,786 last month.


Compared to November 2013, the median sale price for condominiums also increased 5.4 percent to $189,777 from $180,000 a year prior.  The average sale price for condominiums increased 11.9 percent to $311,323 from $348,290 in November 2013.


Miami Real Estate Continues Selling Fast, Close to List Price

Miami properties continue to sell rapidly and at nearly asking price, reflecting strong demand.


The median number of days on the market for single-family homes sold in November was just 47 days, an increase of 20.5 percent from November 2013. The average percent of original list price received was 93.9 percent, down a negligible 2.3 percent from a year earlier.


The median number of days on the market for condominiums sold in November was 57 days, an increase of 29.5 percent compared to the same period in 2013. The average sales price was 93.9 percent of the asking price, a decrease of 2.6 percent.


National and State Figures

Nationally, sales of existing single-family homes, townhomes, condominiums, and co-ops also bounced back in November, decreased 6.1 percent from October but were up 2.1 percent above what they were in November 2013, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR).  Statewide closed sales of existing single-family homes totaled 17,772 in November, up 10.7 percent compared to the year-ago figure, according to Florida Realtors. Statewide sales of condominiums totaled 7,227, up 5.4 percent from November 2013.


The national median existing-home price for all housing types was $205,300 in November, a 5.0 percent increase from November 2013, according to NAR.  The statewide median sale price for single-family existing homes last month was $176,000, up 3.5 percent from the previous year, while that of townhouse-condo properties was $140,000, up 7.7 percent over the previous year.


Cash Sales Decline Slightly, Condo Financing Remains an Obstacle

Cash sales in Miami continue to decline as more financing becomes available.  Still, access to mortgage loans for condominium buyers remains limited, impeding further market strengthening.


In Miami-Dade County, 53.3 percent of total closed sales in November were all-cash transactions, compared to 61.7 percent in November 2013. Cash sales in Miami are still double the national figure of 25 percent. All-cash sales accounted for 41.7 percent of single-family home and 63.8 percent of condominium closings, compared to a year earlier when cash sales were 46.7 percent of single-family home sales and 73.2 percent of condominium sales.


Since nearly 90 percent of foreign buyers in Florida purchase properties all cash, this continues to reflect the much stronger presence of international buyers in the Miami real estate market.


Short Sales Continue to Decrease

While traditional sales continue to increase, distressed property transactions in November again declined in Miami-Dade due to fewer short sales.  In November, only 34.7 percent of all closed residential sales in Miami-Dade County were distressed, including REOs (bank-owned properties) and short sales, compared to 35.1 percent in November 2013.


Short sales and REOs accounted for 8.7 and 26 percent, respectively, of total Miami sales in November.  Sales of REOs increased 9.2 percent while that of short sales declined by 41.4 percent.


Nationally, distressed homes accounted for 9.0 percent of November sales compared to 14 percent in November 2013.


Active Inventory Continues to Rise

After three years of record sales activity that resulted in an inventory shortage, seller confidence continues to result in more properties being listed for sale in Miami.  But new listings are now increasing by narrower margins.  Supply and demand for single-family home continues to favor sellers, while that of condos reflects a balanced market between buyers and sellers.


“While we have seen much needed increased inventory over the last couple of years, the number of existing properties being listed for sale is declining, particularly for single-family homes,” said 2014 MIAMI Association of REALTORS Residential President Francisco Angulo. “New and pre-construction inventory is providing additional supply for condos, inventory of single-family homes remains limited.”


Active listings at the end of November increased 13.7 percent, from 15,730 in 2013 to 17,880 last month but remain 60 percent below levels 2008, when sales bottomed. Inventory of single-family homes increased 8.3 percent from 5,879 in November 2013 to 6,365 last month. Condominium inventory increased 16.9 percent to 11,515 from 9,851 active listings during the same period in 2013. At the current sales pace, there is a 5.7-month supply of single-family homes, an increase of 3.3 percent from 5.5 months in November 2013, and an 8.4-month supply of condominiums, up from 6.9 months in November 2013, an increase of 21.7 percent. A balanced market between buyers and sellers offers between six and nine months supply of inventory.


New listings of single-family homes decreased, for the first time in two years, 1.7 percent, down to 1,725 in November 2014 from 1,754 during the same period in 2013. New condominium listings were the same as in November 2013, 2,416.


At the end of the November, total housing inventory nationally declined 6.6 percent to 2.09 million existing homes available for sale compared to the previous month, which represents a 5.1-month supply at the current sales pace.  Unsold inventory nationally is 2.0 percent higher than a year ago.


New Construction Market Update

Strong sales in the coastal new construction condominium Miami market (east of I-95) continue to reflect significant demand for new properties, according to the latest New Construction Market Status Report released today by and MIAMI.


At the end of December, there were nine (9) towers with 981 units that had been completed through 2014 in Miami-Dade County east of I-95, 66 towers with 9,598 units under construction, and 72 towers with 10,521 units that are planned but have not begun development.  There are also 54 towers with 7,510 units that have been announced but not approved.


Overall in Miami-Dade County, developers have announced 201 towers with 28,610 units since 2011.


Of the above projects in Miami-Dade:


90 projects with 104 towers comprising 16,363 units are currently selling

64 percent of units have been sold

The mean price per square foot of these units is $820, compared to $855 last month

Access November 2014 Miami-Dade Statistical Reports:


Note:  Statistics in this news release may vary depending on reporting dates. Statistics reported by MIAMI are not impacted by NAR’s rebenchmarking efforts.  MIAMI reports exact statistics directly from its MLS system.


About the MIAMI Association of REALTORS


The MIAMI Association of REALTORS was chartered by the National Association of Realtors in 1920 and is celebrating 94 years of service to Realtors, the buying and selling public, and the communities in South Florida.  Comprised of five organizations, the Residential Association, the Realtors Commercial Alliance, the Broward County Board of Governors, the YPN Council and the award-winning International Council, it represents more than 35,000 real estate professionals in all aspects of real estate sales, marketing, and brokerage.  It is the largest local Realtor association in the U.S., and has official partnerships with more than 125 international organizations worldwide.  MIAMI’s official website is